Expressive Drawing (Sketches)

Project: Transformation & Visualization

Imagine I have the power to transform a daily object to ‘unusual one’. To show the process of transformation, I need to visualize it through a series of figurative drawing. I need to draw the transformation in stage 1, develop to a concept layout stage 2,& visualize a final presentation by rendering in stage 3.

Project: 3 observational drawings (3 stages of an apple)

Topic – line drawing

Project: 3 perspective drawings (a simple product)

Topic –illusion of depth and marker rendering

A light control

Project: 1 perspective drawing (buildings around us)

Topic –application of perspective drawing and marker sketching

Project: Sketching, quick gesture drawing (human head, projected images)

Topic –introduction to human figure drawing, scale & proportion

Project: Marker gesture sketching (people in Campus)

Topic –gesture sketching & visualization

Project: Discovery Composition:

Objectives: Interpret creative visual forms and ideas for communication into 2D design

Project: Basics Art Direction

I have to use of mood boarding for presenting their art direction for a fictitious project.

Project: Feeling Feelings

We need to spend more time feeling, and less time thinking. It may only in the moment that you see it. It catches your eyes, your mind, and your soul. I are asked to conduct design process, development, for a set of visual pieces(4 pieces fora set). My final works have to reflect my selected feeling through basic design element.

Project: Interior design – L ( ) ving Room in the Future

I am require to design a living room for the artist who was belonged the selected art movement. Consider what if the USERS – Francis Picabia of the ROOM would like to have a living room. The new living room design must be provided the best and function and comfort to the ARTIST – Francis Picabia of the selected period – Dadaism.

Furniture Design


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