Vitasoy – Integrated Design Portfolio (New Vision & Experience Still The Same)

Project objective:

  • To provide a different taste and super sensory perception of Vitsoy
  • To always support and stand by your side through Vitasoy
  • Convince young people that soy milk can be as convenient and fashionable as coffee

Packaging Design Theme:
New form, New experience

Total size: 9cm (H) X 10.5cm (W)
Size: 3cm (H) X 3.7cm (W) @each capsule Material: Paper, Aluminium

A new form of Vitasoy milk, since soy milk is healthy but it is often referred to as traditional and unfashion. Therefore, using capsule to convince people that soymilk can be as convenient and fashionable as coffee.

Vitasoy Advertising Video Design

Video Title: In it together

Duration: ~8 mins

Video description:

The exam is coming , she stay at the self- study area for a long time and leave until night. When she back home, she still study and unfortunately fall asleep. Suddenly awakened by the alarm clock and look up and think that what is she looking for?

In the next day, she bring all the art works and go to the rooftop by herself. Her parents gives her a lot of pressure and what they want her to be, she look at art her works and flowing a few drops of tears, because she really want to be a fashion designer. Suddenly she receive a call from her parents and she don’t want to answer it. Inadvertently she see the fashion design’s application form in her work, she think your dream can’t be achieve. Suddenly someone tap her shoulder, she turn around and her friend give her a pack of Vitasoy milk.

When she see a memo on the Vitasoy milk, which is her friend want her to cheer up and support her to follow her dream. When she saw the memo, they hug together. When she back home, she found a cup of Vitasoy on the table with a memo on it. Her parents take out all her art works and wrote a memo to told her to do what you want to be and be the one you want to be. After she read the memo by her parents, she smiling and continued to do her art work and going forward to the road which she want to go.

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