BCM214 (Digital Artefact) E-VOLV Video Summary

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watchv=n1Um0hPU9KI&feature=youtu.be

As the pace of life and social development in today’s world grows ever faster, people are facing great stress in society. The increase in rates of depression was most accelerated among teens and adults of all ages therefore, mental health is a serious problem around the world, with more than 264 million people affected. (World Health Organization, 2020) Currently, in Australia, 20% of people aged 16-85 suffer mental illness in any year, mental health issues are growing among Australians. (Black Dog Institute, 2016) Present statistics show that 54% of people facing mental health challenges and illness do not have any access to treatment.

Numerous organisations throughout Australia that provide a lot of education and support for a mental health disorder. However, there are still some of the people avoid seeking help or support. Therefore, in this course, my group and I created a device called E-VOLV. The key focus of this device was to maintaining personal health and wellbeing and making connecting with others easier and more convenient. The element of convergence is seen through the development and use of the E-VOLV.

The inspiration for my explainer video came from the ‘Crazy Egg Video’ by Crazy Egg. It not only does summarize Crazy Egg’s unique heat map tool for the audience, but it also shows the exact action of the product. Even people who are not tech-savvy, they can also understand what it does. Add a few Call-to-action buttons throughout the two-minute ad, and that tells the audience what they want them to do next.

In my digital artefact, I will focus on the health aspect of E-VOLV. My target audience will be all the general public, especially who are busy and have no time to spare. I created an explainer video by using PowToon, that allowed me to pitch my innovation product and let my target audience know all about its values and benefits. I used motivational and modern music which good for presenting a brand-new product and make people feel the innovation tech feel and fresh ideas.

Besides, I wanted to focus on digital disruption in this project, especially on digital healthcare. I aimed to promote and let more people get to know such new and perfect innovation products. Also, spreading the message of the using E-VOLV and how it will benefit for e-health. At the same time, to encourage people to download E-VOLV, a better union of different healthcare services for the benefits of all individual, health services providers and the whole society.

The emerging digital and technologies disruption which expand the scope of healthcare services. To stay on top of industry we need to draw consumers attention to our new product and its service. Focusing on all the general public, individuals who are busy in work or school, their healthcare has been restricted due to lack of time, which was the key purpose of this video. Creating an explainer video with an informative, clear message that allows the audience to grasped immediately, rather than requiring the audience to read text content through the website.


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