BCM241 Week 1 Post Media Niche

My media niche?

When I started to finding my media niche for this subject – ethnography studies, it’s a little bit confused and hard for me. What is media niche? What is media ethnographies?

Ethnography is an appropriate research tool to seeking an in-depth understanding of the practices and professions of public relations and marketing communications, a brand or corporate identity and related communications. It’s gain as complete an understanding as possible of the cultural meanings and social formations (and their inter-relationships) of a group, such as an organization, profession, community or society. Through their writing, they then create a picture of the distinctive reality of the group under investigation. It is the study of the way of life (the culture) of a group, community or organization (Christine and Immy, 2011)

However, what is my media niche? Some ideas suddenly came out…

  • Follow ‘Foodies’ accounts on instagram: ufoodhk, joeie_foodie
  • Watching videos on Youtube: Cooking channel – my ways to get fat, dim cook guide
  • Going to Internet-famous restaurants which recommended on instagram

After I read through my ideas again, I found that I got a wide range of niches. I know I need to narrow down my niche so I can be able to analysis and study go in depth on one particular topic. find out the reason how and why was that social media platform accelerate in that particular topic and to build up a tribe, and audiences the way faster.

In this project, I will focus on one of the social media platforms and investigate the social and eating behaviour to form my ethnography study. My project research question is ‘Through foodie account on Instagram to study cultural and social practices’

Photo from: (Top Food Hashtags To Grow Your Instagram Account, 2020)

Focusing Questions:

  • What are the audience demographics?
  • How do these foodies account to advertise and attract people’s attention
  • How does instagram food trend affect people eating and consumption habit?
  • What is the impact brought by foodies on any stakeholders?
Photo from: XXIII_97 instagram https://www.instagram.com/xxiii__97/

I am especially interested in foodies’ account on Instagram as I too have an account on Instagram (XXIII_97) which have been offering any kind of pastry. By studying ethnography on social and cultural behaviour through foodie Instagram, I will be able to understand the target audiences and discover the highly profitable foodies Instagram’s niches that interest consumers. The topic I have been the most drawn to is the social and eating behaviour on social media. Focusing on this area which allows me to observe the way digital media has overtaken people’s lives, and the influences and power of ‘Instagram foodie’ are spreading to the marketing, restaurants, platform aspect

This is a theme I am most familiar with as I have regularly involved with social media platforms. I believe that I have the ability to accost observation in an effective way and investigate the phenomenon.


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