BCM241- Week 2 blog post Narrowing field site

In week 2, I chose the media niche of foodie Instagram account to study cultural and social practices throughout BCM241 for my Digital Artefact.

Therefore, in this week’s blog, I endeavour to narrow down my niche by identifying and seeks to understand how Instagram (#foodie) affected people eating and social behaviour surrounding by niche.

The analysis for this project stems from my observations on Instagram and #foodies. I followed the food trend and style as it changed and paid attention to the ways eating habits, social behaviour, and audiences used social media platforms to change their lifestyle.

My media niche exists are basically with an online presence, most of them are on social media platforms. I have listed some of the key audiences and ideas that are related to my media niche, it is including the impact on eating and social behaviour, digital marketing strategies to attract the target audiences also the contents. Through all those aspect to capturing the social phenomenon, field site as a network is a strategy for drawing the social phenomenon into view by foregrounding it against the social complexity of its urban setting.(Burrell, 2009)

To visualise and make an easy understanding of the network of Instagram (#foodie), I created a mind map that by showing the relationships of Instagram (#foodie) and the related concept. The Internet, with its frequent circulation of users and digital objects, had great potential for spinning out these broad webs across an urban and virtual terrain.(Burrell, 2009) Social media become an integral part of life, most people will search the restaurants on Instagram rather than troll the online menus on text-based food review.

The mere sight of food that is attractive, bright and gorgeous stimulates the appetite and inspires you to hunt down for that restaurant and try their food. If food restaurant posted the enticing and picture-perfect food photo combined with the right hashtags and captions on social media, it will getting a ton of followers and likes on every picture.

Besides, with marketing promotion such as Influencer marketing. Influencer marketing involves a brand collaborating with an online influencer to market one of its products or services, micro-celebrities construct and market this personas-as-brand across social media platforms, balancing their self-concept with their understandings of each platform.(Lawson, 2020) The influencers usually have a large, engaged audience can tap into to build up brand credibility, they do so by sharing details of their personal lives, interacting with followers across social media platforms, and encouraging a
sense of community. The restaurant not only can reach nearby customers who are mostly location-based but also expand the customer base to every people through social media promotion, so as to build up a network with customers and the influencer.


Burrell, J., 2009. The Field Site As A Network: A Strategy For Locating Ethnographic Research. 2nd ed. [ebook] Sage, pp.190-200. Available at: <https://moodle.uowplatform.edu.au/pluginfile.php/2437772/mod_resource/content/1/The%20Field%20Site%20As%20Network.pdf&gt; [Accessed 21 August 2020].

Lawson, C., 2020. Skin deep: Callout strategies, influencers, and racism in the online beauty community. New Media & Society, [online] p.146144482090469. Available at: <https://moodle.uowplatform.edu.au/pluginfile.php/2437777/mod_resource/content/1/Skin%20deep-%20Callout%20strategies%2C%20influencers%2C%20and%20racism%20in%20the%20online%20beauty%20community.pdf&gt; [Accessed 21 August 2020].

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