BCM302 – Project Pitch

TUM-GRY is a foodie Instagram account. That’s combines with words-Tummy and hungry.

TUM-GRY is relevant to food lovers looking for hidden gems in HK and Australia, connect with other foodies can expand the social network and grouping people with same interests. It’s relevant to myself, share my food adventure to everyone.

The outbreak of COVID-19 affected tourism and catering industries, especially the small-business.

We want to recommend a restaurant and food in HK and Australia. To facilitate food cultural exchanges, we provide a platform to interact with others. Though the promotion, SMEs can get exposure and visibility to survive.

We aim to revitalize small business and build up a share network with shared interest by promoting food culture exchange in Australia and HK through foodie Instagram account.

User feedback:

Some of the user told me to expand the scope to every country, however the purpose of just focusing on HK & Australia is to connect the people with similar interests. Because of our brand identity and features, they can easily recognize us, when the user wants to know the gourmet food in HK or Australia. And, someone suggested to expand the feature, not just only on restaurants recommendation. Therefore, I also create an IGTV to share snack or food to attract different group of people and links them together.

Pitch – Text version

This is my digital artefact for bcm114, bcm241, bcm302. I had created a foodie account on Instagram, it’s called tum-gry. I had formed a group in a different university, and we are both from Hong Kong.

TUM-GRY is a word that combines with Tummy and hungry, we want to create a catchy brand name, therefore we took the first syllable of the word tummy and the last syllable of the word hungry, so this is how Tum-gry came from. The logo design, which is inspired by my friend’s cat, we’re all cat lover, so we decided to make a character as our brand icon.

The outbreak of COVID-19 not only affect in general public but also the global economy. A bunch of tourism and catering industries were impacted by this pandemic, especially the small-medium enterprise. They have closed forever because of the financial crisis.

Therefore, we decided to create a foodie account on Instagram to share and recommend some restaurant and gourmet food in Hong Kong and Australia that we love. To facilitate cultural exchanges on Culinary, foodie Instagram account can provide a platform to communicate and interact with others. Though the recommendation and promotion, those small business restaurants can get more exposure and visibility that can support them survive to thrive.

In this foodie account, we’ll post Instagram feeds and video on IGTV that takes it to the next level with in-depth and talk about food review and food unboxing. IGTV also allowed people to leave a comment under the video.

5 steps help us to create and run this foodie account. First step ideating, second, brand creating, third, strategy making, fourth, promotion, fifth, results measuring.

The first step, I had jotted down any ideas and start my observation. I had following other foodies account to see how they operate their account. I also made a poll and asked how people miss travelling and any kind of foods. That’s can help me to know their thoughts and opinion to build a useful and fit to FIST concept. Therefore, we decided to create a foodie Instagram account which is a simple, free tool for them.

Step2, we started creating a name, logo and profile also the content’s style. We had tried a lot of times on brand name and icon design. After generated our ideas we want to give our audiences a fresh, energetic and joyful feel through our account, therefore our pictures are usually orange and yellow tones.

Step3, we had set a focus on small local food and cuisines commendation also to discover the best restaurant and places. We hope to build a social network between food lovers, other foodie accounts and restaurants. For formats, we’ll hope to keep the caption as short as it can, therefore we’ll mainly put the restaurant’s information in the Instagram posts. We’ll also make a video of food review and monthly snacks recommendation on IGTV. Besides, we’ll start to decide the best timing to post our Instagram feeds to get more exposure.

Step 4, promotion. The first ways to having our content be found on Instagram is through hashtags and tags. Hashtags on Instagram can help us to reach a passive audience too and gain some new followers to expand our networks. More, in this first stage to promote ourselves by telling our friends and family about the page to be a consistent and reliable source of support. We’ll Shoot them a direct message and tell them how much you love their page or ask them for advice, to build up a network with other foodie accounts.

The last step measures the results. The Instagram insights help use to decode the audience better. With this data, we can analyse whether we are reaching the right people with our content and have to access the data also analytics, such as the demographics of the audience, the peak times and days of engagement on the page. Furthermore, we’ll measure the posts and stories regularly to get an idea. The interactions on the content help us to discover whether it is creating an impact on the audience’s mind. This also helps to create content that matters to your audience.

This foodie account is relevant to food lovers who are looking for hidden gem restaurant & hottest Instagram check-in place in Hk & Aus. Connect with other foodies who love food just as much as you do that can expand the social network to share ideas. It’s also relevant to myself, share my food adventure and secret dining place dishes to everyone & explore all the gourmet dishes.

We hopes to revitalize the local small business & tourism by promoting culture exchange on food and cuisines in Australia and Hong Kong. Also fit my portfolio and future career to help us move towards to – a food blogger, influencer and a travel guide for food lovers.

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