BCM206 Week 4 – Information flows and liquid labour

What is OODA loop? It’s also named as Boyd cycle which developed by John·Boyd. OODA is a four-step approach to decision-making that focuses on filtering available information, quickly making the most appropriate decision. OODA stand for Observe, Orient, Decide, Act.

Picture from: (Aéreo, 2017)

OODA applied in marketing


If you are a product owner, you need to collect all useful environmental variables during this observation stage. As a product owner, you need to spends more than 50% of the time to understanding and observe the market and customers‘ needs. Such as, How was the market or customers react to our latest product? Are there any new moves by the competitor?What is the market’s reaction about the new competitor?


Analyze all the information received in the Observe stage, digest the delta of all environmental variables and updates. Observe form the data, did the latest product attract the user? The competitor have been doing something that we haven’t done before. What are their assumptions?


After observation and analysis, you must summarize what you have learned and observed before and decide what to do next.


Take action! Implement company decisions into the action plan, and perform activities such as execution and monitoring according to the execution plan.

The essence of the method is to keep analyzing the situation and improvising the right decisions. It’s also a Corrective Feedback and Quick actions. The video shows how PayPal is the successful examples in the OODA loop.


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  1. This was a great read, the flow chart was visually pleasing and helped wrap my head around OODA loop more and to tie it in with an example of marketing was a nice touch, well done. Going into detail on each of the acronyms was a good way of elaborating on the topic for people who may be unsure what it stands for. If sport is something you may be into, this article here goes in depth on how OODA is used in contemporary sport: https://www.leadershipforces.com/ooda-loop-2/


  2. Your blog is sick, and your post on this weeks topic is great too! I love how you broke down each step of the OODA Loop and put a video at the end. For this week’s blog, I discussed liquid labour. It’s cool to see everyone’s different take away from the lecture material.


  3. Hey Jessie! Loved this post. It seems like you have a really clear understanding of the OODA Loop and your post helped expand my understanding of it further. I also talked about OODA Loops in my post for this week, but I mentioned at the end how everything we as media makers can come back to the OODA loop. Algorithms and popular trends change so consistently so by using the OODA loop in your content creation, you’ll be able to adapt quickly and consistently. I think your remediation touches on that idea slightly too! Great post, I can’t wait to read more from you!


  4. I Thoroughly enjoyed this blog post! Your aesthetic and sophistication of expression are very well thought out. Your explanation of the OODA loop is clear and concise. I particularly liked the way you linked your analysis with real world examples plus your own passions in commerce.

    I too delved into this topic, with a focus on Network Transaction Costs. If you’re interested you can access this on my blog here: https://caseyscreativepursuits.wordpress.com/2020/08/30/network-economy-transaction-cost/

    I’m also linking an article that I thought you’d enjoy that further breaks down OODA loops here: https://searchcio.techtarget.com/definition/OODA-loop#:~:text=The%20OODA%20loop%20.

    Once again, you’ve made a wonderful work that was a great read!


  5. This particular topic contains a lot of content but you really have narrowed it down nicely incorporating only the important points partnered with a nice diagram. Using Paypal as an example was super interesting. I didn’t know that the original team went on to be very successful. If they implemented the OODA Loop then I trust them and know it works ahahah


  6. I find it really cool reading other students blogs and seeing everyones own interpretations of the weeks topic. This was a really interesting read ! I thought it was a great idea and super helpful how you explained in further detail about each of the acronyms , whereas in my blog I just briefly talked about what the OODA loop was and what it was used for. Im really looking forward to reading more of your posts ! gorgeous blog by the way !


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