BCM302 – Peer Review 1

Britt is doing and continuing her previous digital artefact project which is called ‘the_tattered_passport‘, it is based around travelling. In this subject she will expand her Instagram account to a blog as her other platforms to document her travel experience, although we are all facing the COVID-19 pandemic, she is still passionate about travelling. You can find her project pitch down here. https://brittstravel.wordpress.com/2020/08/23/digital-artefact-pitch/

When I take a look of her Instagram account, all of her post are very eye-catching which really attract my attention. I think it is a good idea to kept a vivid record of her travel journey via instagram, and expand it to share other experience in more detaily by writing a blog post to share to the audiences about her travel tips and reminders. Britt hopes to bring her own perspective and personal experience to the table through her Instagram account, such as travel tips and reminders – Things to know before travelling the World. By conducting her Digital Artefact in this way, Britt ensures her every content will stand out from others and create a loyal following, it is because all of the post and pictures are taken by herself.

As Britt had mentioned that, she will mainly focus on Australia travels like camping. She hopes to create a space for other to discuss through her blog, I do think blog is good platform for discussion and share your opinions. However, for my perspective, I will tend to create a facebook group for discussion and sharing. It is because a Facebook group is a platform which enables a ‘discussion’ between people who share the same interests. Creating a ‘Group’ will provide you and your fans with a ‘discussion environment.’

Britt had mentioned that she will mainly focus on Australia travels, she is not limited her project to randomly talk about Australia but instead camping in NSW to look more into. I agree and believe that if she explore the different aspect of Australia and stays true to her perspective, as this can gain and increase more loyal following. With this in mind, if this is the direction Britt really wants to go in, I have some ideas. If she can share her favourite activities in Australia or secret places that she loves through video, perhaps it can grow her social media audience and attract also expand the reach to a wider group of people.

In Isabella pitch, she is doing her digital artefact project it is based around travelling and planning to use Instagram account and blog as a platforms to document her time abroad. In this project, she is focusing on her travel experience to Japan. Her project pitch is down here, you can click on it to have a look. https://brittstravel.wordpress.com/2020/08/23/digital-artefact-pitch/

Her Instagram account name called ‘Travellingjapan_‘, which is all about her travel experience in Japan. I think Belle is a person who really loves Japan such as foods, cultures, planning to use a blog and Instagram to record her travel journey is a good idea because it can provide a more practical, informative, and useful travel guide while using a blog to share her experience and things in more detail.

Besides, she will be blogging about tips and reminders on travelling overseas and the best places which is her favourite and want to recommend to everyone. By directing her Digital Artefact in this way, she can make her Instagram and her blog post in a unique style by telling and share her story also experience through these two media platforms. I believe that, she can grow her following if she can expand to other countries and not just only focusing on japan, as this will give her more variety of content to post and increase reach and gain an audience’s attention on social networks . With this in mind, if this is the direction she wants to take, I have some idea to grow her social media audience. She can using video to share, video is the most engaging content type on every social media platform, if her can create at least some form of video content to maximize the engagement.

Belle had mentioned in her pitch video that about she hopes to inspire others to travel overseas, although we are banned travelling this year due to COVID19. Therefore through her account and blog, she believe that sharing images will inspire others and give hope that in the future they will be able to go overseas and explore the world. As she hopes to gain feedback from individuals on their traveling tips, she plans to post 2 new images, each week, and aim to blog once a week. I think this a great ideas, because to be proactive in listening to and responding to her online community can make her online community feel heard and acknowledged, they’re more likely to become raving fans, and her most loyal social media ambassadors also that can build up and expand her social network. Beside , using forums or Facebook page or group can so create your own local network with other fellow bloggers and influencers, because it can find out people with similar interests and connect them.

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