BCM215 DA – “Detention” Gamer Perspective & YouTubers play-through

In this week blog, I am going to talk about the gamer’s or non-gamers perspective and review of historical themes game. Second, watching YouTubers play-through on “Detention”

Perspective & review

Detention uses sound subtly and effectively to make each of its stages equal parts joy and terror to traverse. The engrossing sound is also helped by the dense layer of detail packed into the game’s world. When I first started playing Detention, I felt a little scary and creepy, because of the mysterious background music and sound also their wonderful visual graphics. When it comes to some scary plots, I need to turn down the volume. Maybe that’s the incredible part that detention can fully deliver the immersive game experience to me.

The most successful part of “detention” it brings out the horror of political repression in the past and reveals terror about human nature. In my opinion, Detention not only just a video game but also gave me an in-depth look into the culture, history of Taiwan, and it provided me with a knowledge of how to use symbol and sound also visual design to help the people know more about culture and promote and educate to the western audiences.

(metacritic, 2020)

I look up at the game review from Metacritic, there are more than half of the gamer mention that through the game Detention, it can really show the deepest guilt, sorrow, despair and helplessness in the past. They had also mentioned that the puzzles in the game are not very difficult and it shows the meaning and the memory of the game which can tell the international audiences of the historical memory of Taiwan, showing the bloody roots of a country oppressed by the martial law for over 38 years. Overall, most of the players really enjoyed playing Detention and highly recommend it. It is such a well-crafted indie gem that fans of horror or narrative-driven games ought to experience at least once. (metacritic, 2020)

YouTubers play-through

(Castoreh, 2019)
(Kubz Scouts and 小李Michael遊戲影片翻譯, 2017)

After I watched the play-through of this two Youtubers, I think these two YouTubers are so smart! With their own understanding and some hint from netizens, they can understand the game to this kind of level and they are both Western people. I really like the style and storytelling that Jay – Kubz Scouts shown it on Youtube, it is funny and made me laugh so much! And Jay had a strong comprehension ability, although he totally can’t understand Chinese, and even never hear about the White Terror but he can guess the reason and the story behind.

(Kubz Scouts and 小李Michael遊戲影片翻譯, 2017)

When I watched the play-through, there is one thing that the game developer needs to be more considerate and mindful. In Jay video, start from 6:19, you can see that the 8-track tape soundtrack is not really friendly to foreigners, because the soundtrack is spoken in Chinese and no English translation. Therefore, most of the Western players might not understand the content and don’t know how to solve the puzzle in that stage. For my suggestion, the developer should add the English voice-over or add the subtitle on it.


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Kubz Scouts and 小李Michael遊戲影片翻譯, 2017. [中英雙語]Kubz Scouts-無盡輪迴的悔恨|返校 Detention 最終回. Available at: <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mgPHZj_1bKo&gt; [Accessed 12 November 2020].

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