BCM206 – Week 7 Feudalism 2.0: living in the information stack

A Walled Garden is a closed, hierarchical, centralized database. Walled Garden is an enclosed environment that controls the end user’s access to some websites and services, it’s a directs the end-users navigation path within particular areas to allow or restrict access to certain materials.

The walled gardens created by FAANG – Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google, which draws users, advertisers, publishers, manufacturers of software and app developers to their ecosystem. Many software companies use the walled garden model to develop specific products and culture that they believe will significantly increase company profits.

For Example, Apple iOS platform is an entirely closed system, you can only get apps that come from Apple’s Apps Store which are restricted to running pre-approved applications from a digital distribution service.

Besides, there are advantage of walled garden, they can always gathering new data each time someone is using them. The advertisers and publishers to embed Facebook tracking pixels on their website so that they can gather even more data that what their social media is tracking by looking at the user navigation on various websites. In contrast, the disadvantage of walled garden such as; Digital manipulation of thoughts and feelings, limited data privacy and ownership and surveillance ect.


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2 thoughts on “BCM206 – Week 7 Feudalism 2.0: living in the information stack

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  1. Hi Jessie! I really liked your blog on this topic, I think you described the concept of walled gardens in such a comprehensive way! The role of users in these stacks that are comprised of walled gardens would have been an interesting topic to dive deeper into and I suggest you do that in future! Your remediation is such a good illustration of the concept, yet done so uniquely, I do wish you discussed more about it in your blog! Overall great post! 🙂

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  2. this was a really good read. you broke down what a walled garden is and the companies that use them. i like how you talked about how there are advantages and disadvantages.


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