BCM 114 – DA Online Presence 1 (Module 1)

Ideating is stage 3 in the feedback loop, ideating which involves, Observing, Defining and Ideating then Prototype also Test it. Ideation is about a generating a number of potential ideas for moving forward and developing the actionable problem statement. In this subject, I start to think about how my project can fit in to the concept ‘FIST’ & ‘FEFO’? What should I create? And that is valuable to me and audiences? Therefore, I attempted to start my process by recognising my interests – food, social media, and photography.

Besides, when I began my project pitch, I saw a lot of news about the impact of COVID-19 that affect in general public but also a bunch of tourism and catering industries were impacted by this pandemic. An idea came out of my mind which is foodie account on Instagram, I told my friends about this idea and we decide to form a group to manage this project.

When we probed into the problem, we started the think about how our foodie account can help SMEs to can get exposure and visibility to survive. We expected to provide a platform to interact and connect with other foodies can expand the social network and grouping people with same interests. Also, we aim to revitalize small business and build up a share network with shared interest by promoting food culture exchange in Australia and HK through foodie Instagram account.

After that, we took on the ‘Observing’ stage of our process, we have started to observe different Instagram foodie account that allows us to generate some good idea and examples. Such as photography style, layout design and format also strategy. More, we had made a poll on Instagram to ask how their miss travel and eat different food around the world. Obviously, almost 86% of people were missing travel and enjoy the food in different countries. Therefore, we had discussed a lot of platforms to create our project such as YouTube, website, Instagram and Facebook Page, but we decided to choose Instagram to be our main social platform. It is because using Instagram to making content are much easier, free and time-effective, also fit in to the concept of ‘FIST’.

We determine our DA as a food blog and will be a place for people who are looking to restaurant and food recommendation. It is basically a social media account for restaurant and food recommendation with the main goal of promotes the international exchange of cuisine and food culture in order to survive during this hard time. I’m creating a food and restaurants review on Instagram, hopefully in a more unique and engaging way, and I’ll be posting videos on IGTV which is about my favourite snack and food for each month. Through these 2 ways to introduce different food and cuisines based in Hong Kong, Sydney and Adelaide, thereby to expand the reach and visibility of our page to the potential audience. Also, to forge connections with the target audience and engaging with them through social media.

Besides, my teammates and I started to plan the allocation of task and signed the contribution agreement. Therefore, we can have a clear understanding of their role and responsibility. The agreement is down below:

From now, we have received some comments and messages from our DA project – Tumgry (foodie account). In just over a month we have gained 90 followers, have reached 104 accounts and had impressions 39 content interaction. I’ll keep on posting at least post a week and 1 video for moth which allow us to reach more audience.

More, I have plant to collaboration with some foodie account to shout out for each other and ask for their advice. Since, one of our audience told us to make something that can get people to remember our brand. Therefore, we need to make something that have strong enough impression on someone, we decided to embed our character into the post.


We have finished the first 3 steps – (observation, idea brainstorming, logo design), and continuing to create the Instagram posts and videos.


Looked at the news and articles about the impact of COVID-19

2. Ideas brainstorming

Generate some ideas & made a poll on Instagram to ask for their opinions also take others foodie account as references

Prototype & Test

3. Icon design

We discussed our account name and the design of the logo; we create a character as our foodie icon which inspire by our friend’s cat.

4. Contents (Test)

We have created 4 post and will keep on posting more feed and also, we’ll be posting video on IGTV this month, we are still editing the video.

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  1. I like how you combined three of your own interests into making the digital artifact and brings your friend that shares the same idea into your teammates and do this together, and top of that, you guys actually got an agreement form to sort out clearly each other task. It makes me start thinking if that would work on my own project as well. The idea of food cultural exchange among Sydney and Hong Kong to save small businesses is actually brilliant and I’m very excited to see the changes your digital artifact brings to society. I think it is a very good idea that you guys adapted comments and advice from your audience and design your own logo with your own characters in it, this would really make your audience remember your or recognize you easily when they see it.

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