BCM206 -Week 8 Networked insurgencies: social media revolutions and meme warfare

What is the role of social media? It’s a mobilisation, coordination and dissemination. Weaponized social media networks have set up a successful challenge to a political system. The network society as political space; strategic space is people’s minds and it has a fast scalable mobilisation, aggregate behaviour patterns and attention is the main political currency.

Nowadays digital media has reshaped our society, and insurgency is the reflection of the society in which it exists. Therefore, there is no doubt that digital media has influenced insurgency. People can through digital media to disseminate their ideas more quickly than before and to a broader audience than with only analogue media.

Have you ever hear Hong Kong’s umbrella revolution? Social media has become a battleground in Hong Kong’s protest, people are using social media as a tool to animate support during a political movement, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Telegram etc. It shows the understanding of how people can effectively communicate with mediums.

Media specialists had mentioned that social media has acted an important role in the documentation, organization, and convocation of large-scale protests. Social media has been used by both protester and government “as a tool in the battle for public opinion.” People’s perspective and opinion can be conveyed to different communities to communicate and share through social media platforms and transmitted the field situation of the movement through the social network right away, which will help the spread of information about the event to a global social media platforms to catch global attention.


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  1. This is a really good post! In my blog I spoke about the Black Lives Matter protest which has a lot of similarities with your post. Something that was really interesting to watch online, especially on twitter during the peak of the BLM protest was the role Hong Kong protesters played in sharing information. This site (https://protesttips.carrd.co) was created by Hong Kong protesters as a way to guide BLM protesters to protest in the safest way and what to do in case of an emergency. I think it’s really cool that the social media was able to unite these two groups to help each other as it’s something that has never happened before in any kind of global protest.


  2. Hello Jessie, a great post, social media can really be weaponised when thrown into capable hands. I wouldn’t say the wrong hands just yet, as only time will tell. But yes, it really has reshaped our society and I’m constantly seeing supporters of insurgency around the world, and yes, the Hong Kong protests were quite a big deal.

    I also found this article to connect with your post, as insurgency has implemented social deeply in their protests and actions.

    Link: https://smallwarsjournal.com/jrnl/art/new-media-a-boon-for-insurgents-or-counterinsurgents


  3. Hey Jessie,
    This blog post is very insightful, coherent and concise. Furthermore, I enjoy how the explored the hong kong 2019-2020 protest and its involvement with social media. I also totally agree with your statement of how this situation shows an understanding of how people can effectively communicate with mediums. Similarly, over on my blog this week I explored the United States 2016 Election it’s evolvement with meme warfare because meme warfare was hugely used during this time. https://jadeokellyblog.wordpress.com/2020/09/24/networked-insurgencies-social-media-revolutions-and-meme-warfare/
    Here’s an interesting article I found on the role of social media in protest participation;

    – Jade


  4. really good blog i liked how you talked about the movement in Hong Kong and how they used social media. i think really showed how people can communicate with mediums so well


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