BCM114 – Online presence Module 2 [prototyping]

If a picture is worth 1000 words, a prototype is worth 1000 meetings.”Saying Tom & David Kelley After observing various problems with engagement, content and feedback, I figured that it's fine to fail because innovation solution always comes from failing. As it showed and I realized that what needed to be remaking and reconsider in... Continue Reading →

BCM206 -Week 11 The internet of things: from networked objects to anticipatory spaces

What is Internet of Things? Internet of Things (“IoT”) is a technology which enables the provision of communications platforms. It refers to the various methods by which tangible or intangible objects are connected in order to provide new services which the individual items could not provide. In short, the Internet of Things refers to an... Continue Reading →

BCM302 – Peer Review 2

In Britt's beta DA project, she has been continuing to work on her travel Instagram account - “the_tattered_passport” by creating and sharing images and travel stories. She aims to use this opportunity to promote travel around Australia and encourage people to travel. You can find her project pitch here. In her previous pitch, she tried to... Continue Reading →

BCM215 Beta

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ZT2w4S39zo For my Digital Artefact, I am investigate the historical context of the game - Detention and how the integration in-game and history demonstrate the social significance and its potential. This research explores the game experience of the historical horror game "Detention", as well as the player's own perception and learning process of Taiwan's history... Continue Reading →

BCM241 DA – Week 10 Progress Report

For my DA project, I want to investigate on how ‘Instagrammable food’ changed people's eating behaviour and food choices. In the previous post, I have talked about the topic of my ethnographic research, which is how could ‘Instagrammable’ food affect people's food choices and behaviour. Through the research, how Instagrammable food are set stylistically to... Continue Reading →

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