Project Beta – TUMGRY


For my Digital Artefact, we decided to create foodie account on Instagram and it’s called tum-gry. Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, there are many restrictions and rules such as travel ban and dining-in ban. A bunch of tourism and catering industries were impacted by this pandemic. Therefore, we decided to create a foodie account on Instagram to share and recommend some restaurant and gourmet food in Hong Kong and Australia that we love also to facilitate cultural exchanges on food.

We think creating foodie account on Instagram is a perfect platform as our target audience are all the food lover and foodie account also SME restaurants, it can provide a platform to communicate and interact with the audiences. We were inspired by some Hong Kong foodie account and we hope to share and recommend the food in Hong Kong and Australia that we are really like it and worth to have a try.

Starter pack & Moodboard

Prototype & Process

Currently, we have created a total of 9 instagram posts, so far we have gained the account reach to 122 and the total followers increase to 1.8%, however, the content interaction is unchanged. At the beginning, we received a total of 127 likes, 13 comments which is the highest like and comment that we got. However, started from 24 September, we were not active as before. The post we made on 24 September, we got a total of 43 likes and no comment also lost 2 follower. We tried to posting more frequently, so we tried to post 1 content per day. Last 3 day, we had received 93 likes, 6 comment and gained to 114 followers in total 3 post.


To solve the problem of low engagement rate and losing follower, we started to promote our account by shouting out and following other foodie accounts which can get some exposure and reach a relevant audience.

Also, we tried to schedule the post through the app called Preview. Recently, We have got an invitation to participate in the following loop, but we decided not to join the loop because it is not valuable in the sense that they didn’t provide the followers I was looking for or wanting as part of the cycle.


Beside, we had received some comments, mostly are positive feedback and provide a useful comment for us.


Reflecting our content so far, we have made some changes on font, style, colour also adding logo into our page. We hope to engage and reach more new audiences and post more content on Instagram by adding 2-3 posts per week.

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