BCM215 Beta

For my Digital Artefact, I am investigate the historical context of the game – Detention and how the integration in-game and history demonstrate the social significance and its potential. This research explores the game experience of the historical horror game “Detention”, as well as the player’s own perception and learning process of Taiwan’s history and politics. Through this game to explore the relationship between historical elements and the historical sense of players. It will include the interpretation and gameplay of the plot of “Detention”, the understanding of Taiwan’s politics and history also how it can significant to the Western and Asian audiences.For the methodology, I have used wordpress blog posts to update my research progress and I’ll be using reddit to ask questions to know how the audience feels and understanding of the game.

Since, my project is a highly academic based which means I’ll conduct a lot of research in this project. I found some of the academic and non-academic research which can help me to look more deeper in to the question and topic I’ m investigating right now.

(Weng, 201) This article mention that, Recently, there have a lot of audacious or innovative ideas when creating and developing independent games. Such as combined the element of humanities and history in the game. Taiwan’s independent game development teams have also started to try to combine Taiwanese history with games, Red Candle company “Detention” is a successful case that has attracted a wide range of attention. Therefore, the combination of video games and history has hit the trend.

(Liu, 2017) The article state that, The game of Detention by transferring the cultural elements to different symbols, and sort of hiding them in the game setting. Those visual and audio symbols became the reinforcers to lead the narration and create the ambient in the game. All of the players can easily look up the cultural and historical background on their own once they tried the game.

When I started to play this game, I can see a lot of visual elements and graphic that represent the Taiwanese culture.

Beside, I’ll observation the gamer or non-gamers’ perspective and review via YouTube. Besides, I found that Reddit is a good communication medium to share the resources and information therefore, I’ll be using Reddit to know how the audience feels and understanding of the game.


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  1. It’s great to see that you have taken the feedback under your wing and decided to use that towards your final project. I’m definitely loving that you are using a variety of media such as Reddit and journal articles to inform your project as this would 100% get you differing perspectives and intrigue a larger audience. If you haven’t already, maybe having a look at some gaming channels from Taiwan might be interesting and could give some first-hand insight. Here is a link to the most popular channels https://us.youtubers.me/taiwan/gaming/top-gaming-youtube-channels-in-taiwan. You have a very strong framework to base this project off and I am excited to see the finished product.


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