BCM215 Critical Self-Reflection of Comments 2

As we were asked to contribute to three students and give the review and provide the ideas and thoughts.

Yidi Project Beta

In Yidi’s beta project, she tried to narrow her target audience by creating a Reddit poll to reach out the what is the average age range of people playing Animal Crossing. She uses Reddit to create several posts which can really maximise her engagement with others. Therefore, I tend to use such a platform in my research project to share and communicate with others, in order to get interaction and engagement.

Yet, Yidi is using WordPress blog posts to document her progress of playing Animal Crossing for her DA project. However, it didn’t get any feedback or interaction. Therefore, It has reminded me it’s difficult to gain engagement through the blog post. I have figured it out that, there have some features in WordPress blog which can increase the visibility and get the audience feedback. Such as link the posts on Twitter and Facebook that can reach some new audience.

She had also mentioned that peoples no matter in China or Western countries, they are both really enjoy the game. It can be shown that games would still be a great way to bond and bring people together regardless of their age, race, gender, culture, or nationality.

Jacky Project Beta

In Jacky’s project beta, since some reasons impacted his DA project, he and his teammate had to change the game from Falls guys to Among us. I know that Among us is a local party PC and mobile game that has suddenly burst up in popularity and becoming one of the mega-hit video games of 2020.

Since, Falls guys and Among us are quite similar game, such as graphics and overall animation. Especially, it had very similarly-shaped characters. Although both are vastly different when it comes to the plot and overall objectives, as his teammate Aliah said these 2 games are really simple to understand and play. The rules are pretty simple and straightforward, the Crewmates should try completing all the tasks or kick out all Imposters, and the Imposters should, well, make sure the Crewmates lose.

Throughout this game, they aim to explore the evolution of Party games, the games aesthetic, game’s level design and the market and audience. From his beta project, I can see he have a clear concept and purpose for his DA. He had mentioned that he wants to focus to interview his teammate Aliah as it was more ideal for his DA analysis, that can have a deeper look to examine the topic. I think it’s a good idea for me too, perhaps I can have one perspective to interview someone that I known and explore it deeper and get the feedback. Also, their analysis plan the two different perspectives, from an inexperienced player and an experienced player. For my suggestion, they can compare the game of Falls guys and Among us for the background research that how these 2 games can become a global phenomenon overnight cause they had played it before.

Victoria’s beta project

In Victoria’s Beta was very clear to show what she is planning to work on. and what she is focusing to do through this subject. In her project, she is still aiming to investigate the character’s skin on League of Legends, and it’s specifically on the marketing strategy that how they can sell the character’s skin in a successful way.

In order to assist her to have a deeper understanding of this topic, I referenced her to the article ‘2020 Brilliant League of legend Skins economy’ which mention that the way riot manage micro-transaction and the smart aesthetic strategy. League came out as the winner and their financial model was one the things that allowed them to succeed. Most of the gamers want to look as fabulous as possible, therefore League of legend skins economy makes financial sense. No matter what players are saying about DLC, they are usually happy to buy it up. DLC’s are so successful that aesthetic changes and upgrades packaged are now a standard part of the gaming experience. This article might be useful for her to know Riot plans to deploy even more skins this year and It won’t be the only festivities on the program! Therefore, the league of legends skins economy is still growing.

As she had mentioned that, she found that girls seem to be slightly more reluctant to spend money on skins where else boys were more likely to spend money on the game. As this point, what I suggested is, she can interview with her friends to compare and find out the reason why boys are willing to spend the money on buying the character’s skin. And what are the reason that tends them to buy it up?

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