BCM302 – Peer Review 2

In Britt’s beta DA project, she has been continuing to work on her travel Instagram account – “the_tattered_passport” by creating and sharing images and travel stories. She aims to use this opportunity to promote travel around Australia and encourage people to travel. You can find her project pitch here.

In her previous pitch, she tried to expand the platform by using a blog post to document her travel experiences in the project. However, she found it is very difficult to create contents for her audience. Therefore, she is now trying to focus and put more effort on her Instagram page and further the Instagram features such as Instagram reel, story and highlight.

As a travel lover like me, I had a high expectation on her project idea when it was originally pitched and I’m glad to see she tried to put more energy on her Instagram account. As she had mentioned that, she had already gained her audiences engagement by adding and updating of highlights on Instagram. I also do think engagement is very important on social media because of engagement can proof your target audiences are interested in and the value that you provide.

More, Britt had made a poll on her Instagram and posted a question a week to maintain her audience’s engagement. The engagement with comments and interaction with the users is advantageous to maintain the engagement that can continued growth. When I look at her Instagram, she seldom replies back to the comment that her audience had made. What my suggestion is, try to reply and to get and know more the audience’s feedback. If you try to reply to all your audiences, somehow that can build the bond to your audiences. Since social media is as much based on the engagement with other people as it is about sharing content.
Overall, I think Britt did really great work on content creation, and there’s still room to make her project more improvement.

For Isabella Beta project, she has been working on travellingJapan, it is an Instagram account aiming to share her travel experience to Japan and she also incorporate with the blogs post to share her experience and things in more detail way. You can find the project progress report here.

As she said, there is a little bit low amount of social media engagement on her Instagram page. And I noticed that she seldom reply the comment with her audiences, therefore, I think she can use those comments as an opportunity to build a relationship with her audiences. Answer their questions, respond playfully when appropriate, and go above and beyond to offer excellent customer service. Besides, I have found that engaging with other accounts is another way to boost her Instagram engagement rate. Whether commenting on followers’ posts or liking posts from pages that similar to her content, it can really use to get her audience attention and it can also help grow your followers. It’s more important to make a connection with your target market. More social media responses = more social media comments from visitors = greater the attention from non-followers.

Instagram Reels are really helping Isabella to do with maximize her content and bring in a larger following! What my suggestion would be trying to post more reels and find the best times to post on Instagram reels. Therefore, she can know when to post her content so she can more likely to reach her audience when they’re active on her social media platform of choice.

She had also mentioned, she is still unsure how to link the blog on her Instagram account. In my opinion, you can add the link from your blog post to your Instagram profile. it can direct your audiences to your blog post. Overall, good work and I’m looking forward to your project and can’t wait to see more audiences engagement on her Instagram.

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