BCM114 – Online presence Module 2 [prototyping]

If a picture is worth 1000 words, a prototype is worth 1000 meetings.”

Saying Tom & David Kelley

After observing various problems with engagement, content and feedback, I figured that it’s fine to fail because innovation solution always comes from failing. As it showed and I realized that what needed to be remaking and reconsider in order to create content that is perfectly fitted to my target market.

Using a prototype, it becomes much easier to conduct the concept and user flow to the customer. Getting early feedback and making updates in a prototype is much convenient. (Siang and Friis Dam, 2020) Therefore, I have tried several changes on my DA project with different style and design. It potentially investigates how my audiences think and feels on my project.

My foodie account on Instagram – ‘Tumgry‘ currently exists with 15 posts and 235 followers over the 9 weeks it has been running. It began with an introduction post to describe our purpose and aims such as: Who we are? What we’ll post on our page? etc. After that, we started to create Instagram feeds to write a food review on the restaurants. Hello Happy Cafe which is the first restaurant that we were recommended and posting it on our page and also we create an Instagram story to promote it.

It has been off to a good start, with some positive feedback and suggestion from my friends and audiences. In the beginning, we received a total of 127 likes, 13 comments which are the highest like and comment that we got. But as it continued on, from 24 September there was a low engagement, which only has 83 likes and got 0 comments also it didn’t gain any followers by that post.

This lack of engagement was a little disheartening, but we all know our problem – we were not active as before, therefore we need to post more and frequently, we decided to post 2-3 posts per week instead of only 1 post each week. Last 7 days, we had gain 278 accounts reached by increasing 34.2%, and we have 235 total followers which raise up 43.2%. Considering the amount of effort I put into the creation and layout design of each Instagram post, as well as the food review. We are happy to see this result and we wish to do it better to provide a quality post to our audiences.


After listening to our audience feedback, we decided to try to add our logo, emojis into our content and design new stories layout that we hope to attract and click on our page to see our feeds. And evidently, they responded started to increase like the number of likes and reach also engagement.

Besides, we tried to connect to other fellow foodie account, in order to grow our Instagram Following and build community that can enhance our social network on Instagram.

So far, we have test what kind of content does the audiences would have a high engagement, seem like people like the video that we had put in the content which can always catch a high attention from the audiences and got more comment from them.

In the above content, we had got 123 likes and 14 comments also 191 reaches, the engagement was extremely different, the content that only contained photos just receiving fewer likes, and even some of them received 0 comments. Therefore, we incorporated a different medium to create an Instagram feed, we started to record videos and put it into our content. Since video content always makes the followers stay on the profile for longer, which means higher engagement and that’s the fun ways to encourage the followers to interact with our Instagram posts.

Followers and engagement are still growing gradually, and we hope to enhance the audience’s engagement and reach a wider market by the making stage as we redesign and adding different content.

Peer contribution:


Siang, T. and Friis Dam, R., 2020. Stage 4 In The Design Thinking Process: Prototype. [online] The Interaction Design Foundation. Available at: <https://www.interaction-design.org/literature/article/stage-4-in-the-design-thinking-process-prototype&gt; [Accessed 29 October 2020].

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  1. The fact that you guys ask yourself who and what you guys are to make it the intro to your account is brilliant as I think it could make a connection between you guys and the audiences. I’m also impressed by how you guys gain up to 235 followers just in a short time of 9 weeks, it is pretty impressive compare to what I’m doing myself. I like how you realized where is the problem is and face it, like the lack of engagement problem you stated. It’s an excellent example of you carrying out your own motto, as you said and I quote “Innovation solution always comes from failing”. I think personally, taking the audience’s feedback and make changes to it, is one of the main reasons why you gain such success in your platform. And how you keep working with other platforms and friends inspired me to do something similar that helped me quite a few. So thanks again for the inspiration and excited to see your platform providing in the future.

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