BCM215 – DA Contextual Report

Ideation and Concept

The origin of my digital artifact came from a movie it is just called “Detention” and I found that it was really interesting on why this horror game detention can got a movie adaptation. After I watched the movie and played the game once, I think it will be a educational and engaging topic to talk about culture through the game. Therefore, I decide to choose and want to investigate the historical context of the game – Detention and see how the integration in-game and history demonstrate the social significance and its potential.


I used a multimedia format that using WordPress blog to document my analysis and finding in my method of research. In the middle of the process, I tend to post the finding on my though on Reddit but I realised that is a a lot of limited because I don’t have enough karma therefore I can’t post it in the subreddits. As a result, I decided to put everything back to original which is continued to post blog post in WordPress and divided my focus question into four parts.

So, I can go more deeply it to every single point. After that, people can easily understand the story behind and the culture in this game.

Background Research

Introduction to Research
As required by the assessment criteria, I selected 3 key sources reference within the document but had many others included in my bibliography. These 3 articles are:

  • Detention Postmortem: Localizing a Taiwanese game for Western audiences by Tiff Liu
  • Taiwanese Horror Game “Detention” Explanation and Metaphor (element and symbol) by peterpaper wu
  • 電玩遊戲與在地歷史的交會:以《返校detention》為例 by Zhenyi Weng (The combination of video games and local history: “Detention” as an example) – Since this a Chinese version journal so I have translated its topic.

Other sources included to Detention story and plot analysis which wider my knowledge and received others perspective that I can elaborate in my report.

Utility and Public Use

My digital artifact’s utility is informative and a highly academic based , as it is a multimedia project which contained text and images also video that provide a useful information and data analysis to the audiences the historical game can giving out its implications, social significance potential to global. Besides, it is also an educational document with the intention of global audience, especially Western and Asian audiences to know more and understanding also the acceptance and helping people memorize the past, teaching and understanding about Taiwanese history and culture in this game.

Feedback and Project Success

Based to the feedback in my pitch, I found that most of my feedback was encourage and supportive. I have a broader and different aspect to investigate my project. These bits of advice led to my topic breakthrough and come up with some new idea, one of my classmate send me the link which about some gaming channels from Taiwan, and I have also look at the foreign gaming youtube channel which was really useful for me to observate their reaction and know the different perspective between them. Generally I think it is quite success over the course of the assignment.


This research explores the game experience of the historical horror game “Detention”, as well as the Taiwan’s history and politics under Taiwan’s White Terror. After playing the game, it make remind all Taiwanese and foreign audiences of this period of history, and evoke me that how difficult it was to gain the freedoms people enjoy today. Especially, in Hong Kong, seem like it is impossible to achieve the democracy freedoms. I’m a bit depressed in the face of all this, maybe it’s the fate in Hong Kong.

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