BCM325 – The future of social media in marketing (Pitch)


Social media has become the most influential and powerful online platform, according to (Campaignmonitor, 2020), people open social media on their phones more than 10 times a day and at scrolling social media least an hour and a half on social media each day. Social media’s power can help the users to get reach a great number of people after posting an ad through social media platform, therefore it can help the small business to reach all the maximum number of potential buyers compared with traditional marketing and increase the visibility of a brand.

Concepts / Ideas

Think about the future by predicting the past and the present, focus on the future of social media in marketing. By extension, I will use my social media account to find out the effectiveness of marketing strategies and the digital marketing trend also predict the changing of social media networks… My digital artefacts will be investigate those questions below :

  • The relationship between digital marketing and social media
  • The transformation of marketing (From traditional marketing to the digital world)
  • Current marketing strategies on social media
  • Digital marketing in social media predictions (Trend, tech & marketing strategies)
  • How can the future technology of digital marketing benefit companies & social media account?

Target audiences

  • Future / current students who interested in marketing or digital media field
  • Social media agency
  • Influencers
  • Marketing company
  • Small business, company
  • My social media account


For this project, I will be making a blog post to analysis and discuss about the upcoming trend of digital social media marketing. To test the digital marketing strategy on social media nowadays, I will use my social media account to find out the effectiveness and the trend in the future.


I will post total approx 4 blog post on wordPress which talk about the above aspect and also a reflection on digital marketing for social media.


Jenkins, L., 2020. Social Media Marketing Trends for 2021: Predictions From the Pros : Social Media Examiner. [online] Social Media Examiner | Social Media Marketing. Available at: <https://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/social-media-marketing-trends-2021-predictions-from-pros/&gt; [Accessed 18 March 2021].

B, H., 2019. 12 Predictions for the Future of Social Media. [online] Medium. Available at: <https://bettermarketing.pub/12-predictions-for-the-future-of-social-media-9c08ad247b63&gt; [Accessed 18 March 2021].

Campaignmonitor, 2020. Is Social Media Marketing the Future of Digital Marketing?. [online] Campaignmonitor.com. Available at: <https://www.campaignmonitor.com/resources/knowledge-base/is-social-media-marketing-the-future-of-digital-marketing/&gt; [Accessed 18 March 2021].

5 thoughts on “BCM325 – The future of social media in marketing (Pitch)

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  1. Hey Jessie, I love that you’re focussing on marketing, and I think the intended audience is quite broad and will allow you to build a viewer base as digital marketing appeals to a range of various people… I am already interested to see what you produce!

    A couple things to note, How do you plan on measuring future trends using your phone and social media accounts, thinking the next 5 years, 10 years, or even 50 years, this might be hard to do by simply measuring the effectiveness of today’s methods as the industry is always changing.
    As stated by Wendell Bell in our subject readings for week 4, he suggests that ” futurists not only study images of the future held by various people to understand and explain their behaviour they also investigate the process of image-making itself” (W.Bell, 1998).
    I would recommend even looking at 2019 pre covid compared to now… what has changed, what has emerged and then from evaluating that, your predictions on what is yet to come… I think using that as a scope rather than just a trial and error on social media seeing what does and doesn’t work will provide more for you to write your blog posts about.

    Lastly, Looking at your timeline I can see you are going to be writing 4 blogs over the period of the semester but it doesn’t tell me much else. I think refining this early on will help you visualise what you need to do and when to do it. This is something that has greatly helped me in the past with my DA’s.

    All in all, I really like your DA topic and I am keen to see what it looks like when it’s all completed.


  2. Hey Jessie, your topic of Social media platforming is a incredibly good idea. It links hand in hand with this subject and it is clear that you have linked your DA extremely well with the lecture content. For your ptich, I loved how clear and easy it was to understand visually, however, the background music playing in the background of your pitch was way too loud and i often was not able to hear what you were saying. The content of your pitch was also well excuted as you explained clearly what you are planning to do with blogging and making an Instagram. You topic is very relevant to the future as Social Media is definately comming to a rise and being very effective to a mainstream way of marketing. Maybe in one of your blogs you can compare how back in the day the mainstream way for marketing is billboards and TV ads, but now it is way more effective to advertise a brand on social media.

    I’m finding it hard to give contructive critism on your DA as it’s definately headed in the right direction and you are clear with that you are doing. I think the only advice i can offer is you can consider using other soical media platforms such as tiktok and how tiktok is one of the most effective way of prmoting small buisnesses as well. Tiktok only started blowing up since Covid, and you can include how Covid has affected social media marketing. Other topics you may blog about can include algorithm, hashtags and audeince engagement on social media conent. Overall, i think you are on the right track and your DA is looking very good, the main thing I think you can consider doing is not limiting your DA to instagram, but to try out TikTok as well, as i think TIktok could potentially be a better platform to do your DA on espeically if you’re planning on doinf informative content on helping people. Tiktok audeinces tend to liek imformative content where else Instagram is more about asthetics. Here I have included some links why i think Tiktok is a great platform for your topic and also some helpful social media marketing links for you DA.:




  3. Hey Jessie! I really liked reading and hearing your pitch ! It is clearly a topic you are very interested in. You have clearly linked your digital artefact topic with the lecture content, and you have a clear idea where you want to go with your DA. You explore youre topic very clearly, you explain what you want to do, this being the blogging and Instagram.

    In terms of advice for your DA, I think you could even look at expanding your audience base by using mulitple social media platforms such as Facebook and TikTok. Alot of the time, you can reach more people by reaching out to them on the platforms which they use. TikTok is a platform that has recently expanded in popularity, more so specifically due to Covid-19 and I believe by posting useful advice etc, you would be able to reach a further audience base.

    I’ve noticed for your methodology, you are planning to write a blog posts, reflecting on this, you could even release your findings through TikTok and make it a small series! People enjoy a part based series, and may find it engaging to watch your content and your findings rather than reading a blogposts?

    Your pitch presentation is great by the way ! I love how aesthetic it feels and gives a clear intention of what you hope to achieve from your DA!

    Either way! I really enjoyed your pitch and am keen to see how you go looking to the trends of social media!


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