BCM325 – DA Pitch Comment Review & Reflection

As the article (Marsh, 2018) mentions that, feedback gives people an opportunity to look at themselves from a different perspective and It helps us see how others perceive our works, therefore, giving and receive better feedback helps us to inspire better performance in our project.

For my assessment in BCM 325 – Future Cultures, I was assigned work to review and give feedback on three of my classmates’ pitch presentations for their Digital Artefact project. The feedback I give and the comment that I had received from my classmates is useful for my ongoing projects because it told what I must do to fix and improve.

Pitch 1: Asher – The uses botnets, bots and troll farms

Asher’s PItch: https://asherfielder.wordpress.com/2021/03/18/bcm325-pitch/

The first pitch I watched is Asher’s video, Asher want to produce his DA about the future of information, communication and the exploitation of the general population through the use of botnets, bots and troll farms. As far as I learned, Asher will focus on the future of this technology and how to best control and regulate the use of bots to sway public opinion and will drive into how these technologies impacted political and financial aspects. He had mentioned that and giving out 2 examples on the above aspects: Russia used social media for widespread meddling in U.S. politics by using bots and trolls, for the financial area he used the example of GameStop stock price falls as bots invade WallStreetBets.

In my comment, I suggest him to embedded the video into a WordPress blog. As he said, he wants to provide informational entertainment qualities for his essay, this kind of method can provide a more well-rounded understanding and more detail with video and contextual writing, since someone may not have any concept and ideas on the topic of botnets, bots and troll farms.

I surely Asher can discover many resources for his chosen topic because there has a lot of information and discussion on botnets, bots and troll farms which impacted society and different aspects.

Pitch 2: Josephine – The Future of Women in Leadership

Josephine’s Pitch: https://josephinedoylemedia.wordpress.com/2021/03/19/investigating-the-future-of-women-in-leadership/

I suggested her to narrow the scope and focus of research to 2 or 3 aspects, which can dive a little deeper and outline the project scope to better define. I addressed it is important to spend more time on research on the prediction of women leadership in the future rather than focus too much on the women in leadership throughout history.

Besides, I find a piece of article which about female leadership and soft power, although the field she wants to address is just on women leadership. Nowadays, besides professional skills, soft power is another major consideration for recruitment, such as leadership and communication skills. In the above areas, women can do a better role in the workplace and make an organization a better place to work. I think this article can inspire her in some way since Feminine leadership styles strongly correlate to soft power attributes and it can be in the economic heart of each country they represent. It is reasonable and important to predict the empowerment and leadership of women since we are in a gender equality and diversity era.

Pitch 3: Alex – The popular culture and prediction of AI

Alex’s Pitch: https://alexmcblogs.wordpress.com/2021/03/19/popular-culture-its-prediction-of-artificial-intelligence-in-the-future/

Finally, the third pitch I commented on is Alex’s, her DA is on the topic of popular culture and the prediction of AI in the future. I invite her to think deeper about artificial intelligence and its applications in society or industries such as cultural and creative industries. I believe that technology advancing is much faster, there still has some challenges of artificial intelligence to human nature. I think this is a topic that worth digging deeper and I had come up with some questions which allow her to start her investigation and direction more comprehensively.

I have noticed that she didn’t mention her target audiences, therefore I come up with some ideas for her such as think in terms of the group and sectors that will be impacted by the technology of AI and also think about the future of collaboration of artificial intelligence and humans.

As I believe that the development of artificial intelligence is also accompanied by the impact and reflection of the use of technology. People might have many questions about the development of AI, but as long as the development of AI technology will help all of us, and make our life convenient and comfortable. Therefore, artificial intelligence is undoubtedly an inevitable trend in the future!


Marsh, E., 2018. Why feedback is important in the workplace. [online] T-three.com. Available at: <https://www.t-three.com/soak/insights/why-feedback-is-important&gt; [Accessed 31 March 2021].

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