BCM325 – Live Tweeting Self-Reflection (W1-W5)

Every Thursday afternoon for the last several weeks, I have been live-tweeting a viewing of sci-fi and kind of cyberpunk’s films. In this blog, I need to write a critical evaluation of my own live-tweeting contributions.

To be honest, at the beginning of this class, I really don’t know how Live-tweeting will be run and start, it is somehow new to me. It is a challenging task for me because I can’t while watching a movie and doing another thing at the same time, but I think after a few weeks of practices I have improved. The possibilities are absolutely endless when it comes to trying something new, that allows us to expand our minds and learn—both about said new thing, and about ourselves. The possibilities are absolutely endless when it comes to trying something new, that allows us to expand our minds and learn—both about said new thing, and about ourselves. (Peikon, n.d.)

Experience 1

As part of my contribution to the discussion around these films, I shared several quotes and some famous caption that involved the films or offer links to articles that could provide more insights or fresh perspectives on the films. Since you can know different perspective from others when you read other people’s film review or article.

In the first week, we are looking at the film called Metropolis which is a 1927 German expressionist science-fiction drama film directed by Fritz Lang. I had quote the caption from the film and bring up my thought and summarised some factors of the film with my own word – what is that scene is about. Actually, I want to describe more about that scene but I forgot there have words limited on Twitter. Therefore, I need to make a clear and short sentence that can also bring out the thought I want to tell.


This is my first tweet in week 1 since I didn’t insert any link while providing an informative comment and opinion. Therefore, my tutor leaves me a comment and remind me to add the link while I try to give out some informational resources.


I will keep the light and strong Tweets and limiting to one or two each week. I will put more efforts into getting into some in-depth conversations. This can be achieved by learning more about the futurology as a whole and think about how the present connects to the future.

So starting from week 2, I tried to add on the link with my tweet. That can enhance my brain’s ability to keep an open mind while processing and be a critical thinker.

Experience 2

I have found that Tweets using short sentences and a question, which is more powerful and can get people engagement when pop culture is involved in the discussion. And I have to agree that this is a strong level of engagement and an effective way to get people’s attention.



I will try to make some of my tweets that can be linked to pop culture based on that film, but I will also keep some of the tweets that contained in-depth conversations and knowledge. I will put more efforts into getting more related to the subject focus. This can be reached by learning more about the future culture and think about the relationship and connection between present and future.

Discussion Engagement


I’m not always have something to say in response to others’ tweets, but when I did have something to say I was sure to speak up:) When I saw someone say something brilliant or insightful idea and opinion, I definitely like or retweet their it both to share their words. It is kind of like “I agree with you too!” and let them know their words were valuable. I’m quite happy with my overall tweets, but I know that’s not enough because I know I can work better than this. I will try to put more effort to bring out deeper insight and interesting though, article in the upcoming weeks.

Thoughts about the future 

For me the ability of critical and independent thinking that makes human beings unique, not to be replaced by the robot or AI. There is no doubt that nowadays human beings are over-dependent on technology, as a human we need to learn how to make good use of technological advantages that brings to us and avoid over-reliance on AI technology or even control by it.

Final Thought

Overall, through these live tweets, I have a further understanding future and technology. Also, my critical thinking skill has improved a lot, I would like to know what others thinking about like what’s their feeling and film review. Therefore, I do a lot of research before and after I watched the film. I hope in the coming weeks, I can make more interaction with other people by share my perspective and listen to others feedback which allows me to have a different side of the point of view and interesting ideas.


Peikon, M., n.d. Why You Should Try New Things. [online] Wanderlust. Available at: <https://wanderlust.com/journal/why-you-should-try-new-things/&gt; [Accessed 1 April 2021].

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