The Relationship Between Digital Marketing & Social Media

Marketing plays an important part in any company in today’s society, it has the potential to expand production capacity much further. There is no doubt that marketing is one of the most effective ways for a brand to sell itself and develop its brand, the exponential advancement in internet technologies has had a major impact on our everyday lives.

A multitude of social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok, have increasingly evolved in recent years, providing a convenient and efficient forum for people to collaborate and share their content. (Buffer, 2019) Electronic commerce is one of the main application areas of the internet, and it is increasingly becoming a significant business model in the twenty-first century as the age of E-commerce approaches.

Nowadays, social media and digital marketing are usually inextricably interrelated and create a new form of the marketing landscape. (Buffer, 2019) It has also become one of the most important marketing mediums. Thus, more business is focusing on digital marketing. They use social media sites to advertise and showcase their businesses and brands and offer a forum for every company to engage and connect with customers. Therefore, social media can greatly assist the enterprise in providing a digital platform client sent and potential customers to communicate to get in touch.

Furthermore, social media will aid in the development of a company’s corporate identity and market placement, as social media assists businesses in disseminating messaging and increasing brand awareness in order to engage in aggressive web campaigns to attract consumers to the brand. (FlippingBook, 2020) We can see that social media platforms have played a significant role in brand awareness, brand image promotion, product selling, and brand competitive and as being a key carrier of customers’ communication productivity.

How social media work In marketing?

Companies can utilize the benefits of social media and as a marketing strategy. Here are several points:

  • Build up a great connection and loyalty with customers who may not be familiar with the brand
  • Share the brand personality with the customers.
    • To make the brand more stand out, so as to increase brand awareness.
  • Finding the niches – Target audiences and market
  • To promote content & increase traffic (Buffer, 2019)

The Roles Of Social Media Play In Marketing

What are the roles does social media play in marketing? In my perspective, marketing is a way to promote and tell people what products and services companies sell and provide. According to the article (American Marketing Association, 2021) mention that, marketing is an operation, a process of creating, communicating, distributing, and sharing value-added services for consumers, companies, collaborators, and society as a whole.

Last Words

It nearly 1.5 billion clicks are obtained through social media platforms around the world. This trending rise in social media has its own set of benefits and unlocks doors to better opportunities.(Eiee, 2012)

Nowadays, KOL and influencer marketing are on-trend, many consumers will look at the review of the product before making a purchase decision. If there are not many consumers are familiar with their brands and products, social media marketing is essential for business especially for SME businesses because it provides a way to develop a strong corporate profile and credibility, as well as the ability to reach larger markets to grow the company.


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