BCM300 Group Game “FOODIE” – Individual Contribution

Let me introduce the board game that we designed. Our group game is called “Foodie”, which is set in a food court with KFC, McDonald’s, Burger King, Red Rooster, and Taco Bell, the five big fast-food stores. In this food court, a murder occurred. Players have to find out who the murderer is by interviewing suspects and witnesses participating in the game and guess who the food court killer is.

The ideating of the game

In the first few weeks, we are informed to form a group to design and play the board game together. However, because some of us are unable to come to campus, so we have formed a group of six people to design our board game online. To be honest, it is extremely difficult to communicate and collaborate with others in virtual collaboration because we are unable to meet face to face with each other. As poor communication is common and can lead to conflicts and issues. We are very lucky that my teammates and I are all doing great. Although we can’t meet each other on campus, still the process is going smoothly, and have effective communication.

After forming a group, we began to consider what kind of game we wanted to create. What is the game’s main theme? The three basic aspects of board game design are mechanics, theme, and components. At first, we had brainstormed a lot of ideas but we couldn’t decide and settle the theme of the board game. As a result, we gathered all of the elements of our interests, which are food, murder, and mystery, as the general direction to develop the game’s theme.And though we’ve decided on the game’s themes and name, we do need to think about the gameplay and components. Since there’s not everyone engaged to provide their ideas In the first and second tutorials, it’s somehow a little bit stuck thinking about the game’s setting and the type of game. Finally, one of our group mates had came up with some idea for the game-Cluedo. We decided to take this as a model and reference. After that, we based on Cluedo to develop to design our board game.

Design process

When I started making the first prototype, I had made a lot of versions and different styles of the game board. At first, I had found some real food court floor plan to draw the basic structure of the game’s board, but I realized that the real food floor plan was not suitable for the game design, so I changed it immediately. I made it to be square, just like the original game board in Cluedo.

After I looked more into the design in Cluedo, I found that each room design in Cluedo uses a bird’s-eye view to draw. Therefore, I searched for a lot of references on how to draw in bird’s-eye view and I think it is a little bit hard for me to draw, so I tried to find some websites to help me. I had used the floor plan design app and the interior design webpage, because it allowed me to place the furniture and create a room with a bird’s-eye view. Then, that was how I created my game board.

Group Contribution

In week 7, we simply split the jobs, but then we took a mid-term break. We kinda like the huge scale of the group, so it makes it more difficult to share the job and communicate with everybody. As a result, we’ve pointed out the work, parts and listed them on the Google doc. such as the mechanics of the game, design, the presentation slide, the playtester, and the speaker.

When we were going from idea to prototype, we were all assigned specific tasks to complete in order to complete the game prototype.For my part, I needed to create the game board. To have the same high reducibility of the game board as Cluedo, I did a lot of background research on Cluedo, such as how this type of board game was designed and what details I should pay attention to, because I hope that our board game will be as perfect as Cluedo.When I designed the board, I had to wait for my teammates to see what pattern and style they had used on the card, because everything, including text, color, and images, had to be consistent.

After we completed the prototypes of the location card, weapon card, and board, one of our team members created the final prototype based on our initial idea.

We actually had to rearrange the role and tasks for each member after we finished the board game design. We have all been assigned new tasks to assist in the creation of our game: writers, speakers, video editors, card and board game designers. For my role, I was a speaker in our group which I needed to make a recording for the presentation slide. Below are some of the points I have spoken about:

  • Game Mechanics
  • Game World / Narrative
  • Background Research
  • Potential Market Place
  • Play test
  • Problems Solutions

Because I am not in charge of play testing, it was a little confusing when I recorded the play testing section, but after communicating with my teammates, I have a clear understanding of what problems they had faced and game experience during the game playtesting. After that, I can record the sound track easily and in a smooth way.

Last word

It was a great experience for me to collaborate with other students to create such an interesting board game, although we had faced a lot of difficulties, but still we were able to make a fabulous game-Foodie. We helped each other to have a better understanding of the game Cluedo to design and develop our group game-Foodie. I may learn a lot from attempting to create a board game, and it was a great way to discover the design process by playing with a collaborative project, not just gaining insight and expertise, but also improving teamwork and coordination skills. I believe that game design is not only about learning game design theory, more is about communication, collaboration, and the most important thing is enjoy the process of designing the game.

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