Compare The Social Media Marketing Between Pre-Covid and Now?

Not just for individuals, but also for businesses, 2019 is a tumultuous and worrisome year. Since the virus's propagation and increased public knowledge of COVID-19, people's purchasing patterns have shifted from offline to online. Many businesses were attempting to enter and focus on the digital sector in order to optimise their company potential, especially for... Continue Reading →

BCM325 – Live Tweeting Self-Reflection (W6-W12)

Time has flown by, and the semester is coming to a close. We've been viewing and live-tweeting a lot of cyberpunk and dystopian films this semester, which has led us to think about the future evolution of technology and societies. All of these films attracted me not just because of their clever narratives and amazing... Continue Reading →

BCM325 – DA Beta Peers Review

In this blog , I was invited to provide feedback on three of my classmates' beta presentations for their Digital Artefact projects. Pitch 1: Tobias - "Where is the future taking you?" The first pitch I watched was Tobias's video. He's writing a blog series about his university experience, both social and academic, and he's... Continue Reading →

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