BCM325 – DA Beta Peers Review

In this blog , I was invited to provide feedback on three of my classmates’ beta presentations for their Digital Artefact projects.

Pitch 1: Tobias – “Where is the future taking you?”

The first pitch I watched was Tobias’s video. He’s writing a blog series about his university experience, both social and academic, and he’s decided to create student and industry profiles by interviewing Uni students and industry experts.He aims to provide a valuable source for teachers and students, especially for students who are new to university to get a true and truthful perspective from a student.

As he stated in his video, he wants to create 10-13 profiles and 2-4 industry profiles, which is a massive workload, and I recommend that he cut it in half to 5 profiles and 5 industry profiles so that he can have a deeper conversation with the student and industry expert about their career journey and Uni experience.

I looked at his blog post in which he interviewed Angues, a student of communication and media at UOW, and found it was great, useful profile, but he could improve the font style on his blog. I suggest that he can visually format questions/answers, such as using headers to separate the conversation into topics or bold letters in interview questions. It will be easier to read and scan. I’ve also provided him with some industry and profile Q&A links as a reference, so he can look at what people frequently ask and use it as a reference when he interviews with the industry specialist.

Pitch 2: Kara – Future of sustainable fashion

My second comment was on Kara’s video, her DA topic is really interesting to me, since sustainable fashion is an important issue, since fashion fashion has changed our consumption behaviour. It also causes problems with the environment and the environment, sweatshops, and public health.

In her DA, she wants to investigate sustainable fashion options by discovering three brands and determining whether these brands practice sustainable fashion. She also wants to shift consumer behaviors to be more sustainable.She has expanded her project on Instagram because she hasn’t received a lot of engagement on YouTube.It’s a great idea to broaden the social media platform so that it can reach a larger audience, and people spend an average of 53 minutes per day on Instagram. (Metev, 2021)

After looked at her account – (sustainablefashion101), I found that she didn’t post much and promote her youtube video on Instagram account. I suggest that she can switch to business account to get more exposure, because she can have features and call-to-action buttons likes Instagram Insights etc. Also she can add her youtube video link in her instagram bio, which will guide her Instagram audience to the right content from her Instagram posts and profile. Since inserting a link to an Instagram story or post is limited, I’ve included a link that explains how to insert her YouTube video using Linktree. I hope the links that I provided could help her to drive more audience engagement.

Pitch 3: Allen – Future of the food industry

The third video was Allen’s video. Allen cooperates with other peers to work with. His DA topic was about future food. One thing I have noticed that the content in his first video on youtube is little bit not relevant to the point of future, after that he have adjust the topic and keep his topic on track also improved the video quality as well. He have created a video to talk about food delivery. I advised him to consider further on the limitation, policies and future business potential of drone food delivery.

He mentioned in his blog that people could get nutrients from sources other than food, his concepts sparked by the cyberpunk films that we’ve been seeing in class. Perhaps one day, humans will only need to take one pill to absorb all of their nutrients for the day. But I think the eating habits in the future will be like ancient-eating insects. I provide a link to give him an idea of thinking about future food technology development and the reason for developing future food, also further think about future food shortages and climate issues in the long term. I also suggested that he delve a little deeper into the future food trend and predict the future eating practices and types of foods, and that he read a report that discusses the imminent future of food and identifies seven eating styles and food predictions for the future.


Metev, D., 2021. How Much Time Do People Spend on Social Media in 2020?. [online] Review42. Available at: <https://review42.com/resources/how-much-time-do-people-spend-on-social-media/&gt; [Accessed 26 May 2021].

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