BCM325 – Live Tweeting Self-Reflection (W6-W12)

Time has flown by, and the semester is coming to a close. We’ve been viewing and live-tweeting a lot of cyberpunk and dystopian films this semester, which has led us to think about the future evolution of technology and societies. All of these films attracted me not just because of their clever narratives and amazing CGI, but also because they made me think about the relationship between future technology and creativity, as well as how cyberpunk films influence our conceptions of the future. From weeks 6 through 12, I’ll talk about my live-tweeting experience and involvement, as well as my reflections.

Week 6: Blade Runner 2049

The lecture topic of week 6 is about futurists. I felt Blade Runner 2049’s brutalist architecture was great, with futuristic finishes and details. All of these incredible structures will have one thing in common: they will always look not just futuristic, but as if they were taken from the future and brought to us. And the elements of violence, war, mentality, machinery, and technology in the movies appear to be a visual manifestation of the “Futurist Manifesto.”

Interaction with peers: Retweet / Comment

I retweet and liked some interesting tweets from my peers, which some noticed that we should think about the impact of rapid development in technology such as climate change. Blade Runner 2049 makes me think about whether the development of technology and the use we make of it, is going in the right direction.

Week 7: The Matrix (1999)

This was a great and well-known film. I read a lot of film reviews at first to have a better idea of what was going on, since I felt a little bit bored at the start of the movie. There are a lot of kungfu scenes in the movie and I was curious about who is the martial arts choreographer? I found that Yuen Woo-ping the Hong Kong kung fu master and he promotes martial arts to the whole world.

Interaction with peers: Retweet / Comment

After watching Matrix, there have a lot of questions pop up on my mind, What does the Matrix want to tell us about life? For me, as humans, we need to have a critical mind and an ability to break through the present. Just like one of my classmates, Chelsea, said that the Matrix tells us to overcome our obstacles comes from realising our inner potential. 

Week 9: Alita: Battle Angel

I decided to create a tweet that was more focused on the lecture’s notes after receiving comments from my teacher. The bulk of my tweets of Live-tweeting were linked to the lecture’s content, such as highlighting certain crucial points in the lecture notes and offering my view. The cyborg represents a rejection of hard borders, particularly those dividing “human” from “animal” and “human” from “machine.” Donna Haraway uses the notion of the cyborg to encourage feminists to move beyond the limitations of traditional gender, feminism, and politics in her “Manifesto,” which is recognised as a watershed moment in the development of feminist posthumanist philosophy.

Interaction with peers: Retweet / Comment

I start to reply and express my opinion when there are some cute and interesting comments from my peers.

Week 10: Ready Player One

It seems that VR technology in the future world may be more common. Ready Player One is my second favourite movie because it has combined a lot of pop culture and you can find some easter eggs in it, such as some famous cartoon characters. The rapid development of science and technology has achieved the life of “Closing the distance”- cyberspace not only brings people closer together in their ideas but also bridges the gap between new technology and people. However, a good question came up from my classmate – Jess “I keep wondering about the socio-economic differences with The Oasis. What about those who cannot afford VR gear?” The wealthy may have more resources to live their ideal life, but the poor have no qualifications to even enter the oasis, let alone to realize their dream life.

To be honest, I really enjoy this movie and hope to watch it with no disruption, so I had less interaction with my classmates compared with the previous weeks. When the class finished, I only made 5-6 tweets and several comments from my peers. I made the rest of the tweets and interaction with my peers tweets after I finished the movie.

Week 11: Robot and Frank

This is the last movie and MOST favourite movie I have seen this semester. I get the impression that future technology and culture which is full of war, violence and a kind of surrealism, but this movie isn’t. It talks about the acceptance of A.I. in different generations. Despite the fact that there are still many conflicts between technology and people in the film, it takes a positive approach to technological advancement, caring for the ageing society, and delving deeply into the interaction between the old and technology.

“What will the role of humans be at a time when computers and robots can perform as well and much cheaper, practically all tasks that humans do at present?” Makridakis said. For me, a human is a creator and an instructor, and people have judgement, feelings, and empathy that robots do not have.

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