The Change of Marketing (Traditional to Digital World)

When we think about marketing, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Advertising and conventional mediums such as television, print adverts, radio, and mail are examples. Until the internet was invented in the 1990s, traditional marketing was the only way to promote business.(Bailey, 2020)

With the advent of the Internet and the digital revolution, the internet has become a valuable resource for all businesses. Digital marketing is gaining traction as a means for firms to craft a targeted message that can be sent through the proper channels, resulting in more potential customers. According to this report (Media, 2021), the traditional marketing methods, television viewing has declined by 47%. Consumers prefer to watch a show on the internet rather than on television. Advertising in conventional media is reaching a smaller audience, while advertisements in internet media are reaching a greater audience. It implies that as the advertising landscape evolves, businesses must adapt their marketing mindsets and plans.

Nowadays, digital marketing is a common marketing approach that may help businesses gain exposure and is a simple approach to communicate with your target market and create brand recognition. Social media is characterised by interactivity, variety, and customization, and it has altered consumer lifestyles and behaviour. Social media is a terrific way for businesses to engage with their customers and reach out to those who aren’t already following them. Social media is one of the digital marketing assets, there are some famous social media platform such as, Instagram, TikTok and Facebook etc. (Buffer, 2019)

(Blocksidge, 2020)

According to the article (Blocksidge, 2020) stated that, the sector has experienced a continuous movement in advertising investment from conventional to digital since 2019. We can see that digital ad expenditure will almost probably continue to surpass conventional media expenditure, implying that more businesses are prepared to invest in digital marketing rather than conventional marketing. Therefore, digital marketing has more potential in the future.

Reason of shifting to digital marketing

Here are some reason and benefit for business shifting to digital marketing:

  1. Consumers spend huge of time on social media
  2. Budget-friendly
  3. Reach a large audiences
  4. Target the specific audience

Consumers spend huge of time on social media

Social media has evolved into more than simply a medium for sharing information; it has also evolved into a worldwide business. Customers choose to spend considerably more time on social media owing to its convenience and a large selection of products and services. eCommerce is quite popular now, and its sales have expanded considerably. As a result, companies have opted to shift their focus to digital.


Following the use of digital marketing, companies can have a significant decrease in marketing costs. Businesses may use the social media platform to gain audience attention to their company by creating posts and short videos that are relevant to their brand to gain more exposure and impression.

Target the specific audience

Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing has the potential to engage clients at every stage of the purchase process. You may target a certain audience. When you can bring targeted visitors to your website and reach high-potential prospects, your conversion rates improve.


We can see that digital marketing has developed throughout time, and it will continue to do so as new ways to engage with people emerge. Because of the internet’s integration with other media, consumers’ consumption patterns are changing and they are relying more on the internet. As a result, businesses are more likely to devote more resources of advertising to the Internet. For a long time, online advertising will continue to grow at a faster rate than others types of advertising.


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