Compare The Social Media Marketing Between Pre-Covid and Now?

Not just for individuals, but also for businesses, 2019 is a tumultuous and worrisome year. Since the virus’s propagation and increased public knowledge of COVID-19, people’s purchasing patterns have shifted from offline to online. Many businesses were attempting to enter and focus on the digital sector in order to optimise their company potential, especially for marketing, and many firms were attempting to enter and focus on the digital domain in order to maximise their company potential.

Many companies had never idea how powerful social media marketing might be until the COVID-19. Many businesses do not willing to invest in social media advertising. (Fung, 2021) The worldwide social media expenditure trend, as depicted in this figure, was generated by Socialbackers, a worldwide social media analytic firm. From the start of the virus in November 2019 until the end of February 2021, they ran research to collect data on worldwide social media marketing trends. During the pandemic, it was discovered that the reach of Facebook advertising (AD Reach) had increased by 30%. Some regions, such as the Middle East and North America, experienced a one-fold rise.

For a long time, the focus of advertising has migrated away from conventional media like television, radio, and newspapers and towards new media, particularly social media, which has a widely used smartphone application among teenagers. Despite the fact that everyone remains at home during the epidemic prevention period and spends more time than usual watching TV, listening to the radio, surfing the Internet, and reading newspapers, the allocation and expenditure of advertising will not be altered. According to Matteo Montecchi, a marketing researcher at the Business School at King’s College London.(BBC News, 2021) People acquiring information through digital media platforms has long been a prevalent practice, especially among the younger population. In fact, new digital media existed before the pandemic, and the outbreak has accelerated the trend of digital media.

In the pre-covid, many businesses are still using the passive marketing strategies – “Companies who weren’t willing to shift their strategy away from ‘buy my product, here’s my website’ said Taylor Hawes, a graphics associate on the Digital Content team. The digital marketing strategy like video marketing, influencer marketing, micro-moments, and engagement-based email marketing were all becoming more popular at that time. As a result of COVD-19, consumer behaviour and consuming styles have changed, accelerating the development of digital marketing and diverting to a different marketing pattern. As a result, businesses must adapt their social media tactics to become more digital and assort the situation and trend that they faced. to provide customers with the information they require.


Even before the Coronavirus epidemic, TikTok’s popularity was on the increase, in February, the app was downloaded by around 113 million people around the world via the App Store and Google Play. The amount of TikTok downloads has been skyrocketing since the pandemic shutdown. In 2019, the user growth in TikTok had astonishingly reached 614 million, and it has accumulated 1.5 billion users. The increase in user spending in February after a month-on-month drop from December to January, according to Sensor Tower, might be attributed to the quarantine imposed as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak’s lockdown and limitation, which requires everyone to stay at home. We can see that, between May and November of this year, the total quantity of advertising on TikTok surged by 75 times.

Many companies have been impacted by Covid-19. While consumer spending will undoubtedly have decreased and changed to online, there is still hope for increased brand visibility, because more people than ever are utilising their phones for entertainment and social interaction. Brands are changing their marketing strategies and stay relevant in order to enhance brand recognition and draw attention to the core message and content. Companies are speeding the development of digital marketing and shifting to a different marketing pattern as a result of this shift in customer behaviour. For example, they may adjust their tactics to address the challenges in an innovative way.

The World Health Organisation, Dettol and Nike have posted a video on their TikTok account. They have created an informative video that related to the current topic-Covid-19. And they have altered their marketing strategy, no longer relying solely on traditional TV ad marketing but also utilizing the popular social media platform to increase business awareness.

The # SafeHands challenge was created by the World Health Organization to urge people to wash their hands. This hashtag presently has 10.5 million views. WHO has 2.9 million followers on TikTok. It can successfully and easily reach younger audiences and educate them with credible educational material. WHO has made good use of social media platform to stand out on TikTok by using hashtag and challenges. While searching for “coronavirusaustralia”, the first result you can find is WHO.


With the COVID-19 outbreak disrupting businesses around the world, we’ve seen business owners come up with creative new ways to connect with and inspire their communities. We know many of you are also searching for ways to get creative online, so we wanted to highlight the different ways we’re seeing businesses use our apps.We’ve seen some companies come up with innovative new methods to interact with and inspire their communities as the COVID-19 epidemic has impacted businesses throughout the world. Many companies are looking for new ways to promote and develop their business online.

People are changing, therefore digital marketing is evolving as well. More innovative marketing methods and formats, as well as new norms, such as online classes and virtual tours, are emerging.

The Modo Yoga NYC, which is a yoga studio in New York City, offers free online yoga courses to help individuals relax during COVID-19. They have 2 locations temporarily closed in March. The studio decided to make a live stream on Instagram. This type of marketing technique can help develop Modo Yoga NYC’s community, and teachers may still engage with students via live stream comments and responses. Some students have even made a gift and sent emails to the team to thank them for the courses.

“We felt that going live on Instagram with our classes from our homes was the safest, most accessible and also the most intimate way of staying connected. And having the classes donation-based has really provided an opening to everyone needing yoga right now.”

— Modo Yoga NYC

Overall, social media will continue to be a means for businesses to engage with their customers, and they will continue to develop new digital strategies because the epidemic appears to be far from finished. With technological development, more innovative and new marketing strategies will appear in the future.


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