The Future Social Media Marketing Predictions & It’s Potential

There is no doubt that we are in an era where digital marketing evolves at a breakneck pace, and customer interests and behaviours are difficult to forecast. Don’t assume and wish to use the same old tactic will work forever. Business and marketers need to be on the cutting edge of digital media and technology, in order to create innovative marketing strategies and forecast the future. 

(Hughes Global Education, 2019) According to Adobe’s Digital Distress survey from 2013, 76% of marketers and company say marketing has changed more radically in the last two years than it has in the previous fifty years. With the technology rapidly developed and more innovative digital media, I believed that A.I technology is leading and as a core the future of digital marketing. (DAVE, 2021)) “Artificial intelligence is the biggest commercial opportunity for companies, industries, and nations over the next few decades” and “will increase global GDP by up to 14% between now and 2030,” which means that “AI latecomers will find themselves at a serious competitive disadvantage within the next several years.”

In the past few years, the application of artificial intelligence (AI) has continuously applied to all different business fields. In addition to bringing significant changes to the business, it also affects marketing planning and tactics. By using technologies such as AI and machine learning to continuously learn and analyze data collected from the customers, market planners can easily understand and grasp the current customer needs, so as to formulate corresponding marketing strategies in a fast moment, real-time personalization can optimize and personalize digital experiences. The application of AI marketing is based on customer-centric, with a focus on the target consumers’ preferences. Providing relevant information according to the customer needs to boost their engagement and satisfaction, and to encourage them to contribute more data to optimize the services and personal experience in the future.

AI can effectively filter and analyse data to anticipate customer preferences and provide a more tailored AI can effectively filter and analyse data to forecast client preferences and have a better-personalized consumption experience which can increase the effectiveness of marketing strategies. According to the article(Harvard Business Review Analytic Services, 2021), more than two-thirds of the institutions polled stated that real-time customer analysis is critical to corporate performance and enhances customer experience across touchpoints and platforms. Almost all of the respondents believe that in the next two years, the importance and ability will grow.

AI can improve the accuracy and efficiency of consumer personalization experience and give real-time data to customers. Analyze consumer behaviour, such as search habits, and leverage data from social media sites and blog postings to assist businesses understand how their products and services are found. Artificial intelligence (AI) may augment human decision-making, assist them in decision-making, and even take action since ai continuously learning how to interact with humans and the environment.

4 Examples – AI can improve digital marketing

AI will have contributed even more to global GDP in later 10 years, it will altering how present occupations are performed and provide more new job opportunity. Nowadays, the difficult of marketing is to centralized the customers of their organization chart, customer are care more about how much effort for the brand to understand them and their behaviour. However, it is really hard to achieve and fulfill the customer satisfaction by human and the current marketing tactic, therefore AI can solve this problem. Business can be using AI to power data-driven insights in the market. (Geber Brand Consulting, 2021) There are 4 benefit and potential that using AI in marketing.

  • Keeping track of client preferences: It is critical to comprehend and grasp the requirements and preferences of consumers so that a business or marketer may be aware of market trends and anomalies. AI may help marketers analyse data, predict future trends, and identify the cause of anomalies, as well as provide recommendations and support marketers in making decisions or taking action.
  • Personalization: It is hard for human to personalizing and manage over 100 people, therefore AI is the best tool for the future marketing. With AI & ML, we can personalize the user experience on the website based on their tastes and preference, marketer and business would be able to create a bespoke web page for all users.
  • Find the accurate content: Using AI to help the marketer and business to find the suitable result and content. The goal of AI in marketing is to connive user to quickly sorting data through the data base and find out the exact content that they are looking for.
  • Make the right content: Through AI, the marketer can know the outcome of content ideas with a simple step. You can quickly choose the right materials and results that best fit your needs.


AI is not only merely to answer customers’ requirements, but to create a better customer experience and also it is beneficial for the business to plan their marketing tactics to apply in the future digital world. It is time for companies to have a better awareness of the future trends, in order to be better prepared and to stay ahead of the curve for the future of marketing.


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