BCM325 Contextual Essay – The Future of Social Media Marketing

Project’s concept

‘The Future Digital Marketing’ is a 4-part blog series that explores the future of digital marketing on the social media platform. As technology evolves, consumers generally rely on mobile phones and the Internet to get information. Consumer practice and behaviour have changed due to the pandemic. Companies must keep up with the market’s speed and follow and know the consumers’ demands in order to obtain popularity and recognition, as well as a leading position in the industry. Social media is a popular mobile application. Some businesses think that digital social media has a huge potential to develop their business. In this project, I aimed to look at the present and future of social media marketing and create a clear and insightful series of blog posts for business and marketers to know the future of marketing. It was important for me to know about the digital marketing field in the future since I am interested in digital marketing and this is a career that I want to step into after graduating.


I have 4 series of blog posts and they are all uploaded onto my WordPress blog. The first blog discusses the relationship between digital marketing and social media, the second the transformation of marketing (from traditional marketing to the digital world), the third the marketing strategies on social media between then and now, and the last the prediction of future digital marketing (AI) and its potential.Originally, I wanted to experiment with digital marketing strategies through my social media account. However, I was a little bit behind with my schedule. Therefore, I decided to look at the marketing strategies on Instagram and TikTok rather than experiencing the current social media marketing. It would be easier for me to keep the schedule on track and I have got a lot of feedback from my peers as this was the only source of feedback I was able to gain. The biggest changes were that I no longer try the marketing tactic on my media account, instead of looking at marketing strategies on both platforms and seeing how they work. Furthermore, I was given a number of interesting topics to discuss with my peers, such as comparing current marketing strategies and prior covid.My blog posts were posted once a week over a 2-month time span, and I had rescheduled my publishing time because I couldn’t keep up with my original plan.

Background research

Throughout The Future of Digital Marketing blog series, I used secondary research from a variety of sources, including academic studies, news pieces, and speciality ‘pieces. Despite the fact that some of the articles were 30 pages or more long, they were still helpful in gathering information for me. They aided me in comprehending the future of digital marketing and how technology aids digital marketing.

The content and topic of the lecture were tremendously valuable in acquiring a deeper grasp of future culture. As Chris stated, the future is now. We must adopt the characteristics of a futurologist, such as analysing problems and difficulties by reviewing current trends and historical facts, and then providing viable remedies based on what is realistic, possible, and preferred. Industries must follow the pace of the market and cater to the tastes of consumers to gain popularity and recognition and give a leading position in the industry since the development of AI is getting strong and it will become very popular and common in the future.


My theme for my digital artefact was to address the future of every expanding digital marketing sector in order to grasp the trend and suit the business pattern in the future. My DA aim was to forecast the future based on observable patterns and trends that are foreseen by experts. With the covid-19, more business forced to change the business pattern to online and utilize the emerging media platform to connect with a wide range of audiences therefore more new style of marketing have appeared. I believed that the topic of digital social media and marketing is an interesting and popular topic in 2021 and beyond.


Blog view

Project’s success and limitations


  • Time constraints – I can’t experience the marketing via my media account
  • Low levels of involvement


  • Gain a lot of knowledge about the future and digital marketing trends
  • Complete series of 4 blog posts

What Next in the future?

During the pandemic, everyone starts to focus on innovation and technology. How advances in technology may affect our lives and how they might assist every industry. I am looking forward to seeing the combination of big data and AI, and its development. I am confident that artificial intelligence has given the business industry a fresh lease of life.

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