Expressive Drawing (Sketches)

Project: Transformation & Visualization Imagine I have the power to transform a daily object to ‘unusual one’. To show the process of transformation, I need to visualize it through a series of figurative drawing. I need to draw the transformation in stage 1, develop to a concept layout stage 2,& visualize a final presentation by... Continue Reading →

Colour of Life

To create the feed by visual content with written Chinese content in the area of fashion, lifestyle or the area of interest. Download and see the full version of my process book: Colour of life -process-bookDownload Idea generation:Nowadays there are a lot of unhappy things happened in Hong Kong e,g umbrella movement, Oppose the... Continue Reading →

Trend book Design 2020 – Tranquility

Trend book for year 2020 Prepare a printed trend book for designers. The trend book will predict the visual styles on the forthcoming years. Develop a design process from analyzing the city; express your styling aesthetic; and visualize into a form of book. Theme: Tranquility Description: My theme is tranquility, when i looking at the... Continue Reading →

Identity guidebook

I had developed a corporate identity guidebook to demonstrate and visualize the corporate identity system of the proposed NGO. Fund-raising event and its application: Event logo and key visual Publication: fundraising book cover, invitation card Outdoor promotion: MTR 4 sheets, and 12 sheetsOn-site props: stage, or gate design Employee apparel: badge,hat, top, and pants Merchandise:... Continue Reading →

Publishing Design – Leaflet (A4 folded booklet)

Design (1) one double spreads, and (2) front and back covers, for a promotional arts programme. Madame White Snake- Hong Kong Arts Festival. Madame White Snake, composed by Zhou Long to an English-language libretto by Cerise Lim Jacobs and one of the few western operas directly informed by China and with direct Chinese creative input,... Continue Reading →

Urban Space and Human

Urban Space and Human: Dream Concept: Dream - because of the reality, job and the environment of the city Dream - Hong Kong is the place that people cannot have dream process book _DreamDownload

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