Photomontage/collage – Next Era

Theme: Next Era Description: I chose this topic to be my theme of my project it is because nowadays the advancement of technology, many factories is mechanized production and our world is becoming more and more digitized. I believe that Artificial Intelligence and robots will be replacing humans to rule the earth in the future,... Continue Reading →

Vitasoy – Integrated Design Portfolio (New Vision & Experience Still The Same)

Project objective: To provide a different taste and super sensory perception of Vitsoy To always support and stand by your side through Vitasoy Convince young people that soy milk can be as convenient and fashionable as coffee Packaging Design Theme:New form, New experience Total size: 9cm (H) X 10.5cm (W)Size: 3cm (H) X 3.7cm (W)... Continue Reading →

Packaging Design

Ethnic Minorities in Hong Kong — Cultural Souvenirs Select two types of gourmet food. Design a leaflet, and two packaging to promote them as cultural souvenirs. Pastry & Condiment I had design a set of gourmet food packaging and promote the gourmet food as gourmet food as cultural souvenir for tourists. The packaging, a set... Continue Reading →

Typeface Design

Typeface is one of the key factor to create visual style for a particular media. Every stroke and curve are combined to reflect designer’s vision. The typeface must be highly readable and legible for type setting. Re-design book coverTypeface design Design a set of typeface for one of the following media. The typeface must be... Continue Reading →

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