Digital Artifact- Contextual Essay (Tumgry)

You can view my Instagram Digital Artefact here. Project Summary My digital artefact is an Instagram account - "Tumgry". I had formed a group in a different university, and we are both from Hong Kong. "Tumgry" is a foodie account on which we share and recommend some restaurant and gourmet food in Hong Kong and Australia... Continue Reading →

BCM114 – Online presence Module 2 [prototyping]

If a picture is worth 1000 words, a prototype is worth 1000 meetings.”Saying Tom & David Kelley After observing various problems with engagement, content and feedback, I figured that it's fine to fail because innovation solution always comes from failing. As it showed and I realized that what needed to be remaking and reconsider in... Continue Reading →

BCM 114 – DA Online Presence 1 (Module 1)

Ideating is stage 3 in the feedback loop, ideating which involves, Observing, Defining and Ideating then Prototype also Test it. Ideation is about a generating a number of potential ideas for moving forward and developing the actionable problem statement. In this subject, I start to think about how my project can fit in to the... Continue Reading →

DA Ideas Foodie Instagram account Aims: Recommend small local restaurants in Australia and Hong KongTo promote culture exchange on food and cuisines in Australia and Hong Kong Social media platform: Instagram & Facebook page Ideas: Covid-19Travel restrictions ↓ International tourist arrivals ↓ tourism exportGlobal recession ↓ EconomiesMassive loss of jobsasteroid SME (Small and Medium Enterprises)Monopoly by large consortiaEconomic circle for SMEs (small... Continue Reading →

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