BCM206 – Week3 Civilization of the mind

Social network is a platform for creating virtual network. The network society is a specific form of social structure characteristic of the information age. In a historical which human societies perform their activities in a technological paradigm constituted around microelectronics-based information and communication technologies, and genetic engineering. The network society is an emergent social structure.... Continue Reading →

BCM206 – Week 2 Global nervous system

Information played an important role in our daily life on our lives today and communication in the atmosphere with everything around us. In the old days, when the information was transmitted across long distances or over the world, e.g. China, Egypt and Greece used drum beats or smoke signals to exchange information between far-flung points.... Continue Reading →

DA Ideas

https://twitter.com/jessiechiu0830/status/1293859004792283137 Foodie Instagram account Aims: Recommend small local restaurants in Australia and Hong KongTo promote culture exchange on food and cuisines in Australia and Hong Kong Social media platform: Instagram & Facebook page Ideas: Covid-19Travel restrictions ↓ International tourist arrivals ↓ tourism exportGlobal recession ↓ EconomiesMassive loss of jobsasteroid SME (Small and Medium Enterprises)Monopoly by large consortiaEconomic circle for SMEs (small... Continue Reading →

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