Bcm241 – DA (Final project) & Report

https://youtu.be/MG0g4DkVyk0 Topic: How my food choice are impacted by Instagrammable food? DA Report: You can download my Da report here:) BCM241_DA research-report-1Download Instagram Foodie account: Check out my foodie account! https://www.instagram.com/tum_gry/ Previous blog post: Conceptual definition - https://wordpress.com/post/jessieyc.wordpress.com/1734

BCM241 DA – Week 10 Progress Report

For my DA project, I want to investigate on how ‘Instagrammable food’ changed people's eating behaviour and food choices. In the previous post, I have talked about the topic of my ethnographic research, which is how could ‘Instagrammable’ food affect people's food choices and behaviour. Through the research, how Instagrammable food are set stylistically to... Continue Reading →

BCM 241 – Week 4 Research and Ethics

In this subject, I decided to start my project on the foodie account on Instagram. I plan to focus on how ‘Instagrammable food’ changed Instagram users of their eating practises and food choices. After choosing my media niche and narrowing my field site also planning my approach for further research. In this post, I will... Continue Reading →

BCM241 – Week 3 Planning approach

Problematise: When we search #Foodie or #Instagrammablefood on Instagram, we can see a bunch of stunning and gorgeous photos, people usually called as 'Instagrammable'. All those picture-perfect dishes has become a lifestyle, therefore people nowadays do more care on how to take a beautiful and perfect picture of the food rather than it's taste. You... Continue Reading →

BCM241- Week 2 blog post Narrowing field site

In week 2, I chose the media niche of foodie Instagram account to study cultural and social practices throughout BCM241 for my Digital Artefact. Therefore, in this week’s blog, I endeavour to narrow down my niche by identifying and seeks to understand how Instagram (#foodie) affected people eating and social behaviour surrounding by niche. The... Continue Reading →

BCM241 Week 1 Post Media Niche

My media niche? When I started to finding my media niche for this subject - ethnography studies, it's a little bit confused and hard for me. What is media niche? What is media ethnographies? Ethnography is an appropriate research tool to seeking an in-depth understanding of the practices and professions of public relations and marketing... Continue Reading →

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