Digital Artifact- Contextual Essay (Tumgry)

You can view my Instagram Digital Artefact here. Project Summary My digital artefact is an Instagram account - "Tumgry". I had formed a group in a different university, and we are both from Hong Kong. "Tumgry" is a foodie account on which we share and recommend some restaurant and gourmet food in Hong Kong and Australia... Continue Reading →

BCM302 – Peer Review 2

In Britt's beta DA project, she has been continuing to work on her travel Instagram account - “the_tattered_passport” by creating and sharing images and travel stories. She aims to use this opportunity to promote travel around Australia and encourage people to travel. You can find her project pitch here. In her previous pitch, she tried to... Continue Reading →

BCM302 – Peer Review 1

Britt is doing and continuing her previous digital artefact project which is called 'the_tattered_passport', it is based around travelling. In this subject she will expand her Instagram account to a blog as her other platforms to document her travel experience, although we are all facing the COVID-19 pandemic, she is still passionate about travelling. You can... Continue Reading →

DA Ideas Foodie Instagram account Aims: Recommend small local restaurants in Australia and Hong KongTo promote culture exchange on food and cuisines in Australia and Hong Kong Social media platform: Instagram & Facebook page Ideas: Covid-19Travel restrictions ↓ International tourist arrivals ↓ tourism exportGlobal recession ↓ EconomiesMassive loss of jobsasteroid SME (Small and Medium Enterprises)Monopoly by large consortiaEconomic circle for SMEs (small... Continue Reading →

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