BCM241 DA – Week 10 Progress Report

For my DA project, I want to investigate on how ‘Instagrammable food’ changed people's eating behaviour and food choices. In the previous post, I have talked about the topic of my ethnographic research, which is how could ‘Instagrammable’ food affect people's food choices and behaviour. Through the research, how Instagrammable food are set stylistically to... Continue Reading →

Project Beta – TUMGRY

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Y86XxVXh_A Background For my Digital Artefact, we decided to create foodie account on Instagram and it’s called tum-gry. Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, there are many restrictions and rules such as travel ban and dining-in ban. A bunch of tourism and catering industries were impacted by this pandemic. Therefore, we decided to create a... Continue Reading →

BCM 114 – DA Progress (Module 1)

Ideating is stage 3 in the feedback loop, ideating which involves, Observing, Defining and Ideating then Prototype also Test it. Ideation is about a generating a number of potential ideas for moving forward and developing the actionable problem statement. In this subject, I start to think about how my project can fit in to the... Continue Reading →

BCM215- Critical Self-Reflection of Comments

In this week blog, I have commented on the three blogs and receive some comment from others. Through reading different students pitch, I had learned a lot about different aspect of game media which can gain and improve my knowledge. Taylah's Cuphead-Comment In Taylah’s pitch, it's studying the makeup looks by recreating some design elements... Continue Reading →

BCM215 – DA Pitch

https://youtu.be/asqO1q9mSyM Historically Themed Video Games - 'Detention' In this project, I explored the online game called 'Detention'. Throughout this online game, I will be Investigate the historical context in gaming and more specifically, how the integration in-game and history demonstrate the social significance and its potential. Brief introduction - 'Detention' 'Detention' is a 2D atmospheric horror... Continue Reading →

BCM302 – Peer Review 1

Britt is doing and continuing her previous digital artefact project which is called 'the_tattered_passport', it is based around travelling. In this subject she will expand her Instagram account to a blog as her other platforms to document her travel experience, although we are all facing the COVID-19 pandemic, she is still passionate about travelling. You can... Continue Reading →

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